Six Ways To Incorporate Stone Into Your Next Home Improvement Project



Using natural stone is a great way to make your home feel warmer, more inviting, and more visually interesting. It also has the added benefits of durability, resilience, and ease of maintenance. One of the main problems many homeowners run into is figuring out where and how to use stone in their homes. Here are six different ways you can incorporate stone into your next home improvement project.

1. Invest in Stone Countertops

Countertops are the most common surfaces on which stone is used in people’s homes. Quartz, granite, onyx, and other stones make attractive counters that can help your kitchen or bathroom especially stand out. Thanks to the wide variety of natural colors available though, stone counters can be used in practically any space in your house and work with almost any design style. Their hardness and durability also make stone countertops a good choice for long-term use, especially for an area like the kitchen. No matter how much damage your family tries to inflict, the countertops will remain as pristine and clean as the day they were installed.

2. Create Stone Shelving

Not only can you invest in stone countertops, but you can look into stone shelving as well. These types of shelves are typically free-floating along the wall, creating more open space and making a room appear larger. That open space means it’s easy to see what items you’ve placed where, and even easier to organize what belongs on each shelf. This makes decorating, for example, your living room or kitchen, very easy. Stone shelving also allows for easy maintenance, as they’re very easy to clean. 

3. Use Stone Tiles for Floors and Walls

Stone tiles are another great way to incorporate natural stone into your home. Marble, slate, and limestone are all widely available as potential tile materials. 

These stones are perfect for flooring, but you can also use smaller tiles on the walls to give your home a bit of extra aesthetic appeal. This can be done in a multitude of ways, whether that be with uniform tiles meant to look like stone blocks, or multicolored tiles to create a mosaic across your wall. Stone tiling is especially effective in bathrooms, where darker stones like slate can produce an attractive contrast with lighter-colored sinks and bathtubs. It also aids in keeping your bathroom looking clean, the dark stone concealing dirt and grime.

4. Get a Raw Stone Bathroom Sink

Speaking of the bathroom, you can also take your stone usage to the next level by using a raw stone bathroom sink. A stone sink is not susceptible to rust or damage unless you’re purposefully trying really hard. That means not having to worry about eventual wear and tear These sinks are rough and generally quite heavy, but they add a very real element of natural beauty to your home. Depending on the size and weight of the sink, you may have to have extra support to hold it up. The finished product, though, is attractive enough to be worth the extra effort.

5. Put in a Stone Fireplace

Whether it’s your living room, a bedroom, or a study, the inclusion of a fireplace can make a room grander while at the same time cozier. A stone fireplace that gives off a warm and cozy atmosphere, making it a great addition or remodel to the fireplace in your home. Using stone materials means that your fireplace will retain heat longer, keeping you and your family warmer while it burns.

6. Remember Your Outside Spaces

If you’re planning to use stone extensively inside, you should also mirror this decision by using it in your outdoor landscaping. Natural stone pavers, stone walkways, or river rock garden beds all allow you places to use stone in your outdoor spaces. You can also consider having larger stones brought in as landscaping centerpieces.

Using stone in your home improvement projects is a good way to give your home a timeless aesthetic appeal. With these six ideas, you can incorporate stone extensively throughout your home and tie together different spaces with a similar design theme. Remember that it’s important to find the right stone in the right color for your existing home decor in order to make your design flow well.


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