Small Craft Businesses That You Can Consider



If you are looking to gain more income for yourself, you may want to consider starting a craft business. These kinds of businesses have a small capital and they are quite easy to start. You can buy wooden beads in bulk and you can design them any way you can. Another option is to get others in on the business. You can encourage others to do crafts as well. Here are some craft business ideas that you can start.

Small Craft Business Ideas

Wooden Beads

In this list, you can start with wooden beads. These are the small round wooden objects with holes on each side. They are sewn together or onto fabric for additional design. If you love accessorizing yourself and wearing bracelets and necklaces, you may want to consider this your craft business. It is easy to find a supply of these products online. You can look for wooden beads bulk which is priced lower than when you buy in smaller quantities. You can teach people how to use the beads so that you can sell these beads yourself or you can make finished products and sell them online.


Another product that you can sell online is a candle. Many people love using candles in their homes, particularly, scented candles. Since they give a good aroma inside the house, people stock their inventory with several candles. You can easily learn how to make candles. You just need the materials like wax, fragrance oils, and wicks. Along with candles, you can also sell other accessories that go with candles. You can also include candle holders, candle lamps, and other related products in your store inventory. Since most of these items are cheap, people will often buy in bulk when they order from your shop.


You can also sell yarns in your shop. You can also sell finished products like vests, brooches, dresses, blankets, and even hats. In this business, you must have a liking for knitting or crocheting. This is because you are using raw materials to create clothes and dresses. You will earn more off of finished products because customers will be paying for your hard work and your creativity. Yarn can also be wounded together so that they produce a nice blend of colors when used. You can combine two or more strands of yarn with different materials and sell them to artists. They will be priced higher due to the use of more yarns and the combination of yarn colors.


If you are gifted with a steady and creative hand, you might as well start a calligraphy business. You can use your talent in writing calligraphy and generally, hand-lettering for other people. You can create personal posters, letters, invitations, and greeting cards using your handwriting. You can even make signages and wall designs using your calligraphy and hand-lettering. If you know someone who creates logos and banners, you can also work with them so that you can help them produce nice artwork as you work together with brands and companies.

It is amazing to find out how many craft businesses you can start on your own. You do not have to spend that much to begin earning for yourself. You can just look up a good source online, check out wooden beads bulk, and prepare a business plan. Your business does not have to be complicated. You only have to develop a liking for the strategies of the business. You also have to watch out for financial decisions. Most of all, pick a business that you really believe in. Choose the crafts that you also do and love.ย 


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