4 Fun Activities for You and Your Girlfriends To Try Out This Weekend



Amidst the craziness of work, family, and life in general, it’s important to take the time to prioritize friends. They are not only the ones that you can laugh and party with, but also the ones who will get you through the inevitable heartache, sickness, and stress of life. Below are some fun ideas for weekend activities with your girlfriends that won’t break the bank.

1. Paint and Sip

Do you and your girlfriends like a glass of wine? Are there a few aspiring artists in your group? If so, a paint and sip might be the perfect weekend activity. Grab your glass and settle down with a paintbrush. The goal is not perfection, but just to have a good time. The painting you end up with, whether it be good or bad, will be a fun reminder of the evening every time you see it. Getting a bit drunk while painting is a great idea, so be sure to find your favorite wine for the occasion. Your painting might get more and more interesting as you drink more and more throughout the evening.

2. Make Your Own Candles

If your group is more crafty than artistic, candle-making is a great group activity. Whether you do it as part of a class or as a DIY weekend project, all you need is a candle-making supply bundle and the willingness to try something new. You can buy the wax or even make some tallow of your own at home. Best of all, in the end, you’ll have a new candle to burn. Making your own candles can be a lot of fun. This old-world art is made anew in the modern-day and is a lot of fun to do.

3. Escape Room

An escape room is another weekend activity option that will appeal to any mystery lovers in the group. Solve the puzzle and escape the room, and then celebrate with a cocktail and appetizer afterward. Gloating is optional. It’s a good exercise in teamwork as well as a ton of fun. Escape rooms can be fun to explore and figure out with friends on a Friday or Saturday night. Be sure to look into any and all escape rooms in your area so you can find the best one for you and your friends.

4. Glamping

Camping is all well and good, but a weekend spent glamping is a much more luxurious experience. Spend the evening eating s’mores and telling ghost stories of boyfriends and girlfriends past, and then wake up to nature from the comfort of a fully made-up queen bed. It’s the perfect break from everyday life, made better by sharing it with your favorite people.

Dinner and movies are tried and true classics, but after a while even the classics get old. Why not mix it up and try something a little different? Whether you’re painting, crafting, camping, or solving a crime together, as long as you’re with your best pals you can have fun no matter what you do.


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