Steps to Moving Out of the College Dorm Room



Just completed your first year of college?
You are probably wondering how it all passed by so quickly. It seems like only yesterday you arrived at campus filled with enthusiasm and feeling super cool you are no longer living with your folks. Unfortunately, fun goes by really quickly and the time comes when you need to temporarily leave the campus and go back to your parent’s house during the Summer. This article will elaborate on the most important steps to moving out of the college dorm.

Much Needed Coffee

Don’t neglect the power of coffee. It might seem like a not so important step because drinking coffee is not directly related to moving, but it is a big one. As the long-lasting tradition of the last night of a college year dictates, alcohol in large amounts is mandatory. Waking up the next day is a challenge by itself, let alone keeping organized. Therefore, it is imperative to
stack up on coffee supplies the day before moving

Dress for the Occasion

Summer weather can be unpredictable that is why it is best to wear multiple layers in case the rain starts. However, stick to the low maintenance clothes such as sweats or jeans and sneakers. Moving can get dirty if there are large items of furniture that need to be moved. Additionally, summer days are usually extremely hot and if you wear some nice clothing, you are at risk of creating non-attractive sweat stains.

Pack Wisely

Try to resist the urge to ignore all common sense rules about packing wisely and just throw everything you see into bags and suitcases until there is nothing more to pack. I am sure this is an easier approach but in the long run, it will get you nowhere. You will have no clue where stuff is and your clothing would be completely wrinkled. Additionally, if you skip the folding, you will need more bags, suitcases and packing material in general. That means more time to load your stuff in a car or a truck. Prior to the actual packing starts, make a list of things that are a definite keeper, those that can be sold or given to a fellow student and those that are essentials and need to be kept by your side during the trip home.

This way you will not be holding on to something you will not need next year and will know exactly where your desired items are.

Label Properly

If you don’t own a labeling marker, this is the right time to run to the store and get yourself one. It will save you your life during this process. After you pack your belongings into boxes, make sure to label the boxes correctly. There is no need to open each box looking for stuff that isn’t there. Furthermore, I would suggest not opening some of them at all. Winter clothing or dorm room decoration is something you will not need at all during summer with your parents. These boxes should be sealed and should stay that way until next semester. You can put them in your parent’s basement right upon arrival at your parent’s house. 

If your parents don’t have a basement, you can get your self a self-storage unit near the campus. If you want to gain more information about what those are in the Springfield area, you can
find it here.

Campus living is usually the first time away from your parent’s house and it might be strange when that period comes to an end. But don’t worry, you will be back in as little as three months and then you can resume your college duties.

Packing and moving are always stressful but if you make sure you keep organized and pack your essentials to be next to your side, it will ease this process greatly.

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