The 3 Health Problems That Result From Poor Oral Health



Many people ignore their dental health because it can be expensive to go to the dentist. Unfortunately, not taking care of your teeth can have far-reaching consequences further down the line when you aren’t taking care of your teeth and have poor oral health. For starters, it will be more expensive when the problem is ignored for months rather than when the issue arises. 

There are also health problems that arise when you don’t take care of teeth problems. Your mouth is connected to the rest of your body in ways you have probably never imagined. This means that if you have dental issues that go unchecked, it can cause your overall health to decline. This article will cover several things that can happen if you don’t take care of dental health problems.

1. Heart Disease

One of the most common issues, when you have a problem with your teeth, is that bacteria will multiply. There are loads of microbes in your mouth so if you have a tooth that doesn’t get fixed, whether it is a crack that needs a crown from Pure Dental Arts or a simple filling, it needs to be fixed right away. Otherwise, it gets infected and the tooth begins to decay.

You risk losing the tooth but you also risk having the infection get into your bloodstream. Your gums have capillaries very close to the surface. This makes it very easy for bacteria to get into your blood and travel to your heart.

To combat this, your body will start to create plaque in the arteries so you end up with clogged arteries. This increases the risk of a heart attack and stroke. Your heart itself can also get infected and be a very serious problem.

2. Diabetes

There is a very delicate balance that the body tries to achieve between blood sugars and insulin production. When you have bacteria getting into your bloodstream, it can affect the body’s ability to absorb the insulin and also how the insulin is produced. The result can end up causing diabetes to develop if the infections are chronic. Those with poor oral health that last years can end up as diabetics. 

Those that already have diabetes and tooth infections will have a much harder time managing their blood sugar. The insulin they take may not be the right dose since the blood has been compromised. 

3. Issues for Pregnant Women

Things get very complicated when you have poor oral health issues and are also pregnant. For starters, it is very common for pregnant and nursing mothers to have dental issues since the body has gone through so many changes. Losing a tooth is very common. 

Periodontal diseases are an increased danger to pregnant women since they can cause premature birth and even underweight babies. Tooth infections are usually the cause so they should be checked regularly when pregnant to avoid any issues with the health of the baby. It’s not enough to just brush twice a day and floss your teeth. You need to go and have your teeth checked by a dentist in case there is a risk of a cavity. 


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