The Best Advice Recommended by Dentists for Oral Care



Oral care is an important part of our wellbeing. The teeth are what help us chew the food down, a process which breaks down the larger particles into smaller and releases digestive enzymes which further helps in primary digestion. Apart from the brushing your teeth twice in a day, there is much more advice which dentists give. The oral cares for adults are different than children in some aspects, especially when the child is in process of losing their baby tooth. 

The Best Oral Care Suggestions Given by Dentists:


  • Routine checkups with dentists are a must. Often, we are ignorant of any dental issues and a professional help is the best way to avoid any damages to our teeth and overall oral care.
  • Dentists suggest you brush your teeth for at least two minutes in a rotational motion. This helps to massage the gums and improve the blood circulation. Apart from that, regular brushing your teeth can remove plaque and food bits stuck within the teeth which causes a cavity.
  • If you are unable to brush after every meal, make sure you rinse your mouth properly. It will be preferable if you use a mouthwash as it helps freshen the breath and kill off germs.
  • Use soft bristle toothbrushes and keep changing them every three months. Dentists say hard brushes erode the enamel and quicken tooth decay. Always use fluoridated toothpaste as they help strengthen the enamel.
  • Cut down sugar and acidic drinks consumption. Dentists say that food acid often leads to dental decay, cavity and in severe cases complete erosion of the tooth to its gum. Plaque bacteria turn sugar into acid which again causes teeth decay. Apart from that, do not eat junk foods, alcohol, and soft drinks frequently because they can damage your teeth. Even you must quit smoking to maintain your teeth.
  • Brushing before bed is crucial. Those eight hours is enough for any bacteria to feed on the food residue converting it to acid and causing the softening of the enamel. Dentists suggest investing the most time in brushing during the night, properly removing plaque and avoiding gingivitis.
  • Do not neglect your tongue. Plaque can also build upon the tongue leading to a severe case of bad breath and other health issues.
  • Flossing is as important as brushing. Not only does dental floss remove food bits stuck in between your teeth, but it also works as gum stimulator and reduces plaque buildup. Make it a point to floss at least once a day. Consult your dentist on the proper way to floss.

Health Advice Provided by Dentists to Maintain Your Oral Health:


Drink more water. Dentists say that water acts as mouthwashes after every meal. Besides washing down your food after every bite, it clears the teeth too.


  • Include crunchy fruits and vegetables in your diet. Kids especially should be made to eat more such fruits as vegetables as they strengthen the gums.
  • Avoid smoking, quit completely if possible. Smoke causes faster enamel erosion and weakens the gums. Smoking hinders saliva flow which causes slower metabolism.
  • Make sure your kids do not suck their thumbs or sleep with a bottle in their mouth. This causes injury to the teeth, making them fragile.
  • Calcium and vitamin D help in repairing of any tooth damage and strengthens the teeth. Make sure you incorporate these in your daily diet. 

Oral care is a vital part of your everyday life as you go out for work or studies, you interact, and it is imperative to make sure your first impression is not the worst. Everybody loves as a beautiful smile and a clean breath. Maintaining an oral hygiene is not difficult or tedious.


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