The Best Gifts You Can Get for Children Under 5



If you’re getting a gift for a young child that’s not your own, you might be a little stuck for ideas, as they’re changing and developing constantly. It’s hard to keep up and to know what they’ll want or need at this early stage in their life. That’s why, when they’re below the age of five, it’s best to get them gifts that they can use for years to come that can teach them a thing or two, as well as provide them with a form of entertainment. Let’s take a look at some of your possibilities here, and for more gift ideas for a 4-year-old girl, feel free to click the link. 

Their First Camera

Getting them a childsafe, resilient first camera is a fun gift that can help them to bring out their creative side. They can take pictures out in the garden, as well as capture snapshots of their friends, family, and pets. In the early days, they might not produce works of art but as they get used to the camera and how to use it, they’ll improve. Their parents will also have a lot of fun seeing what photos the kids come out with at the end of the day!

A Musical Instrument Designed for Little Ones

Children absolutely love to create noise and are drawn to anything sensory, which is why an instrument specifically designed for their age range is a great gift. We recommend mini keyboards, ukuleles, harmonicas, or drums. This can ease them into music lessons in the future and could end up being a hobby for life.

Classic Kids’ Storybooks

You can’t go wrong with a classic! If you gift them a well-loved children’s book that can be read to them at bedtime by their parents, it’s a great way to get them into literature. When they learn to read themselves they can then go through the book on their own which will help them to become more literate. It’s a fail-safe present that they can keep for the rest of their lives, and then read to their own children when they’re parents themselves. 

Something for the Parents

A lot of the time, at such a young age, the child in question won’t actually remember the presents they receive unless it’s something life-changing or a gift that they keep for decades to come. So, without sounding cynical, it can sometimes be a better option to just get something for their parents instead, as they’ll probably need it more! Kids often have mounds of toys to play with already at home, so their guardians will be relieved not to have anything to add to the pile. Ask if they need anything practical for the kids, or treat the family to a meal out. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, as long as the thought is there. Happy parents = happy children.

Overall, the best gifts you can get young kids are ones that they can have fun with and also get some learning out of. Think back to the gifts you were given as a child – which ones stood out? Which were the most meaningful? 


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