Want To Go Back to School? How To Make the Transition Easier



If you’ve recently decided to embark on a return to school, you may feel overwhelmed. After all, taking classes as an adult is a whole different ball game than when you were in high school or college the first time around. How do you make sure you’re prepared? What are the best ways to make your transition back into education smoother? Don’t worry—we have some tips and advice that will help make the process easier. 

Set Goals 

It’s important for adult students returning to school to set specific goals for themselves, both academic and personal. For example, if you’re returning for a degree program, decide what degree level is most appropriate and how long it will take to complete. It’s also important to consider your lifestyle and other commitments when setting goals; how much time can you devote each week towards studying?  Additionally, don’t forget about non-academic goals such as financial planning and career readiness. By setting clear objectives for yourself, you can more easily create an achievable plan of action that will help ensure your success. 

Create a Plan 

When going back to school as an adult, it’s essential to create a plan of action that takes into account your individual needs and capabilities. This includes considering which courses fit best within your schedule as well as what types of study methods work best for you. For instance, if traditional classes are too time-consuming due to other commitments such as employment or parenting, then online classes might be the best option. Additionally, it’s important to remember that learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom; there are plenty of opportunities available online and through extracurricular activities like clubs or volunteer organizations that can help advance your knowledge base. Finally, don’t forget about self-care; taking care of yourself is key when preparing for a successful return to school.

Find Support 

As an adult student returning to school after many years away from academia, it can be intimidating at first trying to navigate this new world on your own. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources available these days specifically designed with adult learners in mind—from mentorships with professors and advisors who specialize in helping “non-traditional” students succeed academically, all the way up through support groups with peers who understand exactly what you’re going through. Finding support is critical during this transition period; don’t hesitate to reach out for help. For example, if you are in the military, online colleges for military personnel can help you achieve your goals and find support. 

Starting school again after taking a break from academia can be intimidating but with proper preparation and understanding of available resources—not just educational ones—you can make the transition much easier on yourself. Setting goals for yourself both academic and otherwise combined with creating an individualized plan of action allows you greater control over how quickly (or slowly!) you move forward in reaching those goals while finding support from mentorships and peer groups helps instill confidence in achieving success overall. With these tips under your belt – don’t be afraid – get ready, go back, and rock it.


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