What the Next Decade May Hold for the World’s Favourite Botox Toxin



When it comes to aesthetic procedures, there is so much to unpack. From the variety of both invasive and non-invasive options and their effectiveness all the way to uptake and how preferences have shifted in 2018 and 2019. Worldwide, the industry is expected to reach its highest point ever and surpass $43.9 billion in the next five years alone. This goes to show a larger trend of cosmetic procedures smashing their taboo status and becoming the status quo. Botox injections are used for a number of conditions and applications.

As we are putting to bed another decade, now is the perfect time to look at what the future may hold for cosmetic procedures. The latest data from the “The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)” could not have arrived at a better time. Their report tells us that once again Botulinum Toxin Type A, most commonly known as Botox has topped the rankings in terms of minimally invasive treatments in 2018. This was a three percent increase from the previous year and the equivalent of over 7 million patients across the United States and Canada. Even more so, in comparison to a decade ago, Botox procedures have surged by 845 percent.

On the face, Botox is mostly used to ease the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead lines, lip lines and under eyes lines. What many don’t know is that apart from cosmetic use, Botox has some amazing benefits for various medical conditions including incontinence, headaches and migraines and various central nervous system injuries. The effects of Botox last between three to six months – however, this varies according to the amount injected and the area.

Predictions: the next 10 years of Botox

It is evident there is no stopping Botox, but what should we expect from the next decade? First and foremost, studies have shown that when it comes to injectables, the majority of people look to celebrities and influencers as sources of inspiration. Going well hand in hand with this, it is important to touch on the age of social media influencers which is expected to be a major driver for Botox treatments. The rise of micro-influencers and emerging influencer networks will create a paradigm shift in how consumers view facial procedures such as Botox and simultaneously, will foster even more acceptance and empower more and more people of all genders to get the treatments they want to make them feel good and look their best.

Secondly, what was once a procedure done at a doctor’s office is now becoming more and more accessible. Now, people can get their Botox from their dentist’s office, spa center, beauty salon and a more novel place, the so-called aesthetic bars. Emerging as an environment designed for self-care, these bars are helping people avoid that dreadful feeling of going to the doctor and turn to get Botox into a chic and relaxing experience. However, there are two sides to every coin and healthcare professionals are getting worried about the potential safety risks. This can perhaps mean that the next decade will see more aware and informed consumers doing their research before getting a treatment which is nothing but positive. When administered correctly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a Botox injection and more people will begin to understand this.

Thirdly – and probably the most exciting possible development would be a needle-free Botox treatment. For those fearing the needle, it’s not hard to imagine what a game-changer this can be. According to Botox manufacturers, a topical form of the treatment may hit the market in the next decade. The best part? The cost will stay the same.

In terms of consumer demographics, we know that currently, the middle age frame is when Botox becomes appealing. But what if the early intervention could prevent wrinkles altogether? While this is just a theory at the moment and research is being conducted, Botox enthusiasts claim getting the treatment during the early 20s can stop lines from forming and thus make it less likely to require Botox when older.

At this point in time, there are various speculations when it comes to the future of Botox but they all seem exciting nonetheless. One thing is sure: Botox will remain king among minimally invasive cosmetic procedures around the world and a definite go-to solution for those who want to halt the visible effects of aging. It is the treatment that has spearheaded a change in how cosmetic procedures are perceived by societies, but there is still a long way to go.


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