What the Type of Coffee You Drink Says About You



Gone are the days when coffee was just something you got in a plain white mug at the corner diner. While there still are people who love their coffee this way, there are also just as many more who want just a bit more from their daily java. Maybe you’re one of them. In this short article, you’ll learn more about what your coffee of choice says about you.

Special Order Coffee Drinker


Taking a coffee on the menu and adding or replacing ingredients with your preferences would be considered a special order. Those who like to special order their coffee tend to fall on the side of perfectionism. They spend a great deal of their time worrying, due to their sensitive natures. If this is you, don’t despair. While it can be frustrating to be caught in the throes of perfectionism, the upside for you is that you tend to be healthier because of it. Your special-ordered coffee is usually healthier because you like ingredients like decaf coffee and plant milk.

Plain Black Coffee Drinker


According to Psych Central, if you like plain black coffee, then you’re old school. Old school is typically a way to describe someone who is set in their ways and typically prefers things to be the way they were a decade ago and usually prefers not to change their ways. While the downside of this may be that you may be a bit resistant to roll with any changes in your life, it also has its upsides, too. Those who drink black coffee like to keep things simple. They also tend to be efficient and patient, both of which are admirable qualities. For you, traditional coffee types, like Colombian whole bean coffee, are a great way to go. By grinding your beans just before brewing your coffee, you can get the freshest taste compared to pre-ground coffee.

The Well-Traveled Espresso Drinker

Espresso drinkers, according to the Healthy, tend to be bold in personality. This may be because an espresso includes a lot of flavor profiles in only a few sips. Additionally, they have as much caffeine as a typical full cup of coffee. They’re the type who like to travel and experience new things. If you’re in this group, then chances are your passport is as well worn as your coffee cup is – lucky you!

The Sweet-in-a-Cup Drinker

The person who adores their coffee drinks on the sweeter side with lots of syrup, fluff, and “froofy” goodness tends to be the social butterfly of the group. If you fall into this category, then you’re likely to be very friendly and warm. Coffee for you is a source of comfort and social engagement and of course, good taste.

Your daily cuppa isn’t what it used to be. That is, you’re not just limited to plain black coffee these days. The good news is, there’s a coffee type for just about every personality, making a trip to the local coffee shop an experience that’s about more than just afternoon refreshment. It connects you with who you are and what’s important to you. Who knew coffee could mean so much?


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