What to Consider if You Want to Buy Your First Home out of State



Whether you’ve planned to move because of a job or just because of a change of scenery, there may come a time when you have to buy a home out of state. Somewhat tougher than doing so locally, there are specific considerations to keep in mind during this process. Below are just a few of the things you’ll need to consider when buying your first home out of state.

How to Work with a Realtor

One of the first things to consider is how you’re going to find a realtor. You’ll definitely need one if you are looking for a home out of state, but finding the right person to help you isn’t as easy as a quick Google search. Your goal should be to find a great realtor who you can trust to help you out even if you aren’t always going to be around. If you know anyone in the state you’re moving to, ask for referrals. Otherwise, you may be able to reach out to real estate agents in your own area to see if they have any out-of-state connections you might be able to use.

Looking at Movers

You’ll also want to figure out the logistics of moving. How much will it cost you to have someone move your furniture across state lines? If you are going to do it yourself, how are you going to deal with driving a truck over a long distance? You’ll need to find the answers to these surprisingly complex questions before you can concentrate on getting into your new home. In some instances, it might be better for you to sell your current furniture and simply buy new furniture when you get to your house.

Setting up Services

You’ll also need to think about how to set up services in your new home. You may need to switch to an entirely new cable or internet company, for example, and you may have more difficulties than you expect if you can’t physically visit the utility companies to put down a deposit before you move. Try to figure out the steps you need to take to get all of your services set up as soon as you move into your home long before you leave your original state. Remember that you’ll need to cancel services in your current home as well.

Changes in Taxes

Finally, you’ll want to know about any changes to your taxes. Luckily, you won’t be taxed on buying a house. You will, however, need to know what your new tax rate looks like. The last thing you want is to get surprised by your new taxes, so do some digging to find out the property tax rates in the areas where you want to move.

It’s always good to have plenty of information before you move out of state. Find a good realtor, get ready to activate your services, and don’t forget to think about the logistics of moving or paying taxes. With a little work, you can make your out-of-state move a real success.


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