Beautiful Boudoir – How To Turn Your Bedroom Into a Romantic Haven



Love makes the world go round, so jump on and enjoy the ride! If your bedroom is more dog’s dinner than love nest, perhaps it is time to rethink the décor. Here are some ideas for turning your bedroom into a beautiful, romantic boudoir.

Fabulous Furniture

A beautiful, comfortable bed is the most important feature in a bedroom. It is vital to do some research to find the right bed for your needs. If you would like the look of a sophisticated, boutique hotel room, opt for an upholstered king-size bed in a dark shade of velvet or leather. A large statement headboard will add some drama to the room.  If you would like a more whimsical, romantic room, think about a white wrought iron bedstead or even a four-poster bed surrounded by soft, billowy curtains.

Whatever kind of bed you choose, you will need to get a decent mattress. A quality mattress is one of the most essential items you will buy for your home. A comfortable and supportive mattress is vital to ensure you receive a high standard of sleep every night and adequately support your body. A good hybrid mattress is a good option for most tastes as it gives the bounciness of pocket springs and the softness of foam.

A dressing table with a mirror is an excellent piece of furniture to buy for your boudoir. Your loved one can watch you sit at it and brush your hair or indulge in a skincare routine before you come to bed.  Buy a comfortable, upholstered chair to sit in front of it, which could double as a chair to cuddle on.

Stylish bedside tables are helpful to hold your night-time essentials such as an alarm clock, iPod dock, and romantic accessories.  Mirrored furniture can give the room a sophisticated, expensive look and reflect light in an interesting way.

Lustful Lighting

The lighting in a room is what will give it an ambiance.  Romantic lighting should be dim and flattering. – nobody looks good under fluorescent strip lights. Opt for table lamps with dark lampshades to diffuse the light. Hang a beautiful, glittering chandelier from the ceiling to get the look of a French boudoir and control the light intensity with a dimmer switch.  When you are in the mood for love, place candles on all available surfaces, light them, and enjoy the intensely sensual effect they create.

Perfect Perfume

Love and lust ignite all of the senses, so make sure your room smells lovely. Light scented candles when you are in the mood for love or place bowls of delicately scented potpourri on the bedside table or chest of drawers. For a more intense scent, use plug-in air fresheners that will release aromatic scents into the air at frequent intervals. If you are handy with a sewing machine, make fabric pouches and fill them with dried flowers such as rose petals and lavender and place them under your pillows for some subtle scents in your bedding. Fabric conditioners are another great way to fragrance your bedroom. Wash your bedding and add a heavenly perfumed fabric softener to make your sheets feel soft and smell incredible.

Sumptuous Softness

Transform your bed into a luxuriously plush nest by covering it with cushions, throws, and pillows made from strokable fabrics such as faux fur, wool, satin, and velvet.  Cover the floor in a fantastically soft, deep pile carpet that your feet will sink into. If you have hard floors, scatter some sheepskin rugs across the room to provide some cushioning. Buy pillows that are plump and comfortable for all types of sleepers.

Hang heavy blackout curtains to block out bright sunlight when you are in the mood for some afternoon delight or early morning loving. Heavy, dark brocade drapes will create a cocoon-like atmosphere, while soft curtains made from netting or organza will suit a flowery, romantic room.

Delectable Décor

A love nest should be decorated either in dark, rich colors such as deep reds, pinks, purples, greys, and black, or relaxing, subtle shades of white, lilac, and pale pink.  Wallpapers should be touchable and textured or patterned with pretty florals.  For a lustful love den, hang some erotic paintings or framed photographs on the walls. If you are brave, pay a professional to take boudoir photographs of you or your lover – they can be as discrete or risqué as you desire.  Artistic, nude sculptures and statues can add some understated eroticism to your bedroom.


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