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“You are enough! You Matter!” is probably the trump card of compliments to hand out to the lovely women around you.

Clichés will have you shower women with flattery that just wears off in a short span. But even just a dash of sincerity will have your complements revitalize the women in your life.

Compliments are good to receive but even greater to give because you hold the power to make someone’s day and uplift their wilting mood.

Play it right and see your woman light up… Here are 10 best compliments to give the woman around you and make them feel like the rock star they are.

1.“You Are Perfect the Way You Are” 

Let’s face it, women everywhere are struggling so much with their insecurities, trying to keep up with ever-changing standards of beauty. No one should be made to change themselves and hate the skin they are in.

Acceptance is a core reassurance for women who have become frail due to beauty stigma. Once in a while, reminding your girl about perfect she is will turn her day right around.

2. “I Love Your Personality”

Women truly come out of their shell,  once they are no longer repressed. Some are bold and some have weird traits. Appreciating and embracing these are a classic sign of gratitude and acknowledgment.

When you say this to a girl,  you are making her feel great about having these unique set of perks that she calls her own. You are building her confidence towards growth and making her feel comfortable around you.

I Think I Can Learn So Much From You” 

Value what the ladies in your life know, even if it’s simple to work like flipping an egg or fixing a tire. Women have different talents and skills, and you should make an effort to appreciate even the smallest ones.

If you let your employee, friend, sister, or even girlfriend know that you genuinely like her work, it is going to make her feel valued. This encourages her to share her knowledge, hobbies, and skills with you.

4. “You Inspire Me!” 

Women are an enigma, they are hard to understand at a glance. Women have depth and dimension which you can only learn to comprehend with a little bit of patience and curiosity.

They have a different perception of life, with struggles and wisdom that you won’t get anywhere else. So tell the lady in your life that she is an inspiration. Make her day by making her feel appreciated and acknowledging her hard work.

5. “There is Something About You!” 

This is a mysterious line that will make the ever so charming woman in your life smile. Women like to feel special, so you should point out that you notice the uniqueness of their personalities.

Saying this line to your lady love will add a touch of spark and flavor. When you say this to her, it shows that there is a sense of lingering curiosity. You love her because she’s amazing but can’t really praise just one trait.

6. “You are Doing Great!” 

Juggling for a balance is the story of all women’s life. In the rush, sometimes she herself forgets to see how awesome she is doing at life. It’s a matter of time before she actually pushes herself to the absolute limit to be the best.

At these times it’s your job to let her know that she already is doing great Let her know she’s doing the best she can and managing everything well and that it is not going unappreciated.

7. “I Feel Great/Lucky Having You.” 

Okay, rom-coms might have ruined a bit of the value for this but it is not cheesy if you say it as you mean it. If you pay attention to the little things she does, she’ll be more than happy.

Having someone in your life who goes the extra mile for you is truly amazing.  So let your significant other know that you realize how lucky you are to have her by your side.

8. “You Make Me Happy!” 

Your S/O, friend, or colleague can be the highlight of your day. All the fun and shenanigans you get to pull together get you through the tough times in life.

So let them know how delightful their presence makes you feel.. Express your gratitude out loud. This will truly brighten up any girl’s day.

9. “You Make This Look So Easy!” 

It goes without saying that the superwoman that you come across every day can be a single mom, your college girlfriend, or the only daughter in the family taking care of it like a pro.

The struggles are hidden behind her smile, so boost her confidence and esteem by telling her how awesome she is. Explain how you know everything is difficult, but when she’s handling it, it looks easy.

10.“You are Funny!”

Women don’t get many points for cracking a joke or two. So even when the lady in your life cracks a lame pun, make sure to tell her it’s funny.

Humor is something that everyone has within them, don’t wave it off because it was a weak one. She at least should get props of being witty at that moment. Embrace it, enjoy it.

Words to Live By 

When you want to praise a lady or warm up to the cute intern at work, try to boost their morale. And remember to hand out compliments that add value.

Whatever you do, don’t confuse your compliments with pickup lines. Overdoing it can blow up on your face. Keep it, short and simple.

And if you really want to appreciate the women in your life and touch their hearts, give them a special gift as well. According to faveable, there’s no better way to pamper your girl than with compliments and some nice smelling perfume!

Compliments are the sweetest symphony to the melody a girl can hum all day. So be unique and spread the love!

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