4 Tips to Compliment a Girl on Her Looks



Complimenting a girl is one of the biggest keys to any girl’s heart, but not every guy knows how to compliment a girl properly. 

Here are the top 4 tips to complimenting a girl on her looks:

1. Compliment Her While Feeling Relaxed

I see this all the time: a guy approaches a cute girl, compliments her looks, but he sounds so scared!

  • Talks to quickly 
  • Talks with a high pitched voice 
  • Talks too quietly 
  • Talks too loudly 
  • All of the above!

The number one key to making any compliment effective is to sound calm. Why? Because girls want guys with rock-solid confidence.

Before every compliment, take a few deep breaths, relax your body, and realize that nothing bad can actually happen even if she rejects you!

2. Give Her Specific Compliments

Most guys will say something like:

  • You’re cute
  • You’re pretty
  • Etc.

But you need to stand out from all the other guys which is why you need to give specific and personal compliments, for example:

  • With your blue dress and that stunning necklace, you might be the cutest girl in California!
  • Has anyone told you that you have the prettiest smile? 
  • OK, I’ll admit. Your blond hair is something else!

When you say one of these compliments to a girl, she never thinks to herself “yeah, but he says that to every girl” because these compliments are so personal.

3. Use the Compliment-Appreciation Technique (CAT)

What is the Compliment-Appreciation Technique and what’s the point of it?

The Compliment-Appreciation Technique
 was designed to solve one problem:

If you constantly compliment a girl, she’ll eventually feel tired of your attempts to flatter her and she’ll think of you as a needy guy. 

See the problem? 

Enter: The Compliment-Appreciation Technique, you appreciate her beauty instead of complementing it.

Here are some examples:

You tell her: “I appreciate every moment that I get to look into your eyes”

She compliments herself: “I must have cute eyes!”

You tell her: “I appreciate every moment we spend together”

She compliments herself: “I must be a fun girl to be around”

By using this technique, you don’t even need to compliment her because after you show appreciation for her, she’ll compliment herself!

4. Compliment Her on Whatever You Find Attractive

My last tip to compliment a girl on her looks is to focus on what you find attractive. 


Because every girl can tell if you really mean your compliment: compliment her dress but don’t actually like it, she’ll know you’re faking it. 

Find something that you find attractive and compliment her that, for example:

  • Her hair
  • Her eyes
  • Her lips 
  • Her nails
  • Etc.

I hope these 4 tips help you compliment girls, but I want you to remember one thing: real improvement comes from practice, not reading blog posts! I want you to take action.

If you take the techniques that you’ve just learned and apply them on a consistent basis, you’ll be a pro in no time!

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