10 Best Gifts for Vloggers



There were times when people used to make videos out of passion. Today, creating video content on various topics, lifestyle, entertainment, travel, food is a successful career option for many. With the advent of technology and better internet speed, many are allured to video making, also known as vlogging for earning money, recognition, and of course the hunger to do something creative and different. If you happen to know someone who is a vlogger or loves to shoot videos and create video content, then this will help. Here is a list of ten gifts you can give to vloggers to impress them on various occasions of their life.

1. Cameras For Vloggers:

Giving all the vloggers a chance to rejoice. The trusted and reputed brand of electronics, Sony, has built a camera designing for shooting the self. It has a flip-out screen and enhanced microphones that will make your recording easy, fun, and better. While traveling, the recipient can record himself/herself along with the surroundings. Along with this gift, make a midnight cake delivery in Coimbatore at your friend’s house and let him/her make a birthday vlog with this great gift.

2. Video Lights:

Anyone who films videos knows the importance of good lighting. Lighting is everything. It can create or break the video. A mini RGB video light with controlled features to dim or brighten the light with long battery backup seems to be an excellent gift for both amateurs and professionals.

3. Quick Release Camera Clip:

When shooting outdoors, vloggers need quick access to their cameras so that they do not miss a shot. A quick-release camera clip is their savior. Attach the bottom screw mount to the base of the camera, then attach the clip to the bag or belt for quick access.

4. Smartphone Stabilizer:

Last time you gave the recipient a smartphone to make videos, this year give a smartphone stabilizer. The foldable gimbal is making high-quality videos with the phone, and it’s easy to carry anywhere because it can be folded. If you are giving this gift on the birthday of the recipient, then make sure you order designer birthday cakes in Delhi at his or her place so that he or she can make a birthday video for her/his fans as well. Sounds like a plan? Isn’t it?

5. Microphone:

In today’s time, podcasting and streaming are very popular. High-quality audio is one of the essentials of podcasting and streaming. So, if you happen to know someone who does this, a microphone that can take the audio to the next level and can be attached to the desktop will be a good gift choice.

6. Tripod Stand:

Whether the person vlogs for fun or profession, one needs a camera in the right position that is stabilized and not shaky. Tripod stands serve all these purposes. Monopod stands can also be given depending upon the need.

7. LED Ring Light:

Another useful gift for the vloggers that will improve the quality of their videos, an LED ring light. It produces soft, direct light on the subject minimizing the shadows.

8. Osmo Pocket:

Let your vlogger friend or relative shoot interesting and high-quality footage where he or she goes with the Osmo Pocket. It’s a tiny camera packed with features, like an in-built stabilizer so that the video is not shaky, slow motion features, 4k video quality, etc.

9. Mavic Mini:

Ultra-small and light drone for high-end videos. The perfect travel companion for the vloggers, especially the travel ones.

10. Stream Deck:

A device for taking command over live streams with programmable keys such as changing scenes, playing music, pausing videos, etc. This one is for the vlogger wanting to shoot some professional-looking streams.

As per the need of the recipient, you can give him or her a gift from this list.


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