Fresh Food Is the Healthiest Food: Learn How to Enjoy It Regularly



People today understand that healthy eating is very important and strive to improve their diets. However, as multiple surveys prove, there is a lot of confusion about exactly what constitutes healthy eating. The simple rule of that is that fresh is always best and that your meal plan must be nutritionally-balanced. It’s also great news that there are many ways to improve your eating habits. Today we can add another one to that list, which is getting a meal kit subscription. This simple service is an easy way to enjoy fresh nutritious meals regularly.

Why Eating Fresh Is Always Best

Simply put, fresh food is the best because it has the highest content of essential nutrients. A big issue of the western diet, in general, is that we underestimate how much a difference freshness makes. People living in developed countries and leading busy lives appreciate the convenience of takeout, cooked meal deliveries, and frozen products. That’s why we have such a huge variety of processed foods starting with frozen produce to microwave dinners. The majority of the foods we eat are somewhat processed to minimize cooking time.

The result of it is that you definitely can get a meal faster and be on your way. But even when enriched with vitamins and minerals, this meal won’t give you the complete equivalent benefit of a fresh one. Using frozen produce can be a good alternative to fresh fruits and vegetables that spent a while in storage, says Harvard School of Medicine. However, defrosting and cooking frozen produce will remove the nutrient gap.

This means that the healthiest food is not merely fresh, but freshly-picked. Every day in storage reduces the nutrient content of ingredients. Therefore, when choosing your fresh meal ingredients provider, you need to make sure that they can be trusted about that freshness.

Those who want to lose weight also need to value the freshness of ingredients and the overall healthiness of meals. In fact, it’s a fact proven by studies that eating healthy and balanced meals has a more profound effect on weight loss than merely counting your calories.

All things considered, you can be sure that no matter conflicting information about what “healthy eating” truly means, eating fresh nutrient-rich meals is definitely healthy.

Benefits of Meal Kit Subscription Services

What can you do to enjoy healthy fresh meals more often?

Of course, you can start growing your own food. It’s always a good idea, even if you can only grow some herbs and spices in flowerpots. But many of us are limited in our opportunities to grow food, so an alternative is needed.

Meal kits offer a solution to this issue because they can deliver fresh ingredients for balanced meals to your doorstep a few times a week. Therefore, you’ll get to enjoy those healthy meals and save time on doing grocery shopping and menu planning.

Top Meal Kit Delivery Services Today

The first name you’ll see when looking for a meal kit company is definitely HelloFresh which has delicious menus and glowing reviews. The company is an indisputable industry leader holding the largest market share of 30%. Such popularity comes from the fact that HelloFresh has the widest reach delivering kits not only in big cities but covering multiple rural areas as well. This is an important benefit because people in remote communities like this might struggle to get fresh ingredients.

The company also offers a selection of 20+ recipes a week and many of the menus fit specialized diets. For example, there are both vegan and keto options.

The delivery area and menu versatility are the most important things to consider when choosing a meal kit service. That’s why HelloFresh is an undisputed leader right now. Other great meal kit companies you can try include Blue Apron, Home Chef, Sun Basket, Freshly, and EveryPlate.

Each of these companies offers high-quality ingredients and delicious recipes. Also, each of them has some unique advantages. But they have some limitations too. For example, Blue Apron is renowned for offering great fresh ingredients, as well as wine and cooking guides. It will take you longer to cook meals from this kit because ingredients are minimally processed. But this means they are fresher and you can use the opportunity to learn how to cook. Sadly, Blue Apron mostly delivers in cities and urban areas.

Home Chef, on the other hand, belongs to Kroger and is available in many areas. But the selection of recipes available with this meal kit service is limited. But you can swap ingredients in kits to customize them to your personal taste.

All in all, the meal kit industry is growing fast and there’s no doubt that kits can help you eat healthier. Right now the industry is going through a huge boost due to pandemic-related lockdowns and restrictions. With such a spike in awareness, it’s quite possible that more people will understand how easy it is to improve their eating habits with these kits. In this case, meal kit delivery services might become the new norm for our society.


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