3 Useful Tips for an Awesome Family Vacation With Kids



If you really want to make the best of your family vacation, you need to be creative and make sure you have plan A, plan B, and all the way down to Z if necessary. The goal is that your little ones enjoy themselves without all your energy drawn out of you before you even reach your holiday destination. So, if you want a vacation that both you and your children will love, here are some useful tips to make it happen. 

1. Be Informed 

Having enough time to thoroughly plan your vacation could give you the chance to book a room with the perfect view of the sandy beach or to save money by finding great accommodation discounts. All you have to do is some research online or make some phone calls to find out if your hotel offers some sort of workshops and animators for the children, or if you can use their swimming pool for free. You could also ask about the food in the hotel restaurant since children can be picky sometimes and the last thing you want is a scene at the dinner table.

Another thing you want to know is which sights are children-friendly since sightseeing is an important part of most vacations. If you want a more active vacation, you should ask where you can rent bikes for your family, so that you don’t have to bring your own. If you have all the information early enough, there is less chance of something going wrong, so don’t hesitate to ask your travel agent or hotel staff whatever you want to know. 

2. Include Your Kids 

When preparing for your vacation, make sure your kids participate in all the planning. Talk to them, let them know what your trip will be like, what you’ll do while you’re there and ask them what activities they’d like to do while away from home. Combine their love for technology with fun stuff they can do there by getting them a waterproof GoPro HERO action camera from Strathfield Car Radios so that they can take photos and make videos of their own. Whether you’re taking the car or flying to your destination, prepare some of their favorite music, so that they aren’t bored while traveling.

Let them choose the restaurants you’ll go to, or at least one meal a day. If you allow them to pick their own dinner, they’ll be more likely to eat the broccoli and carrots for lunch. If you’re traveling abroad, tell them all about the country you’re visiting and its customs, or even teach them some basic phrases in that country’s language. The more they know about the trip, the less stressful it will be. 

3. Be Prepared 

One thing you should do is make the reservations and all the travel arrangements well ahead. If you’re traveling by plane, buy the tickets as early as possible. Not only will that save you money, but you might even choose the best seats for your family. If you’re driving to your destination, have your car serviced and get good car insurance. Check if all your documents are in order since it would be hell to arrive at the airport only to find out your passport has expired.

On the day of the trip, you should wake up early and prepare a light breakfast for your family, to avoid nausea in the car or the plane. If you know this is something your children have a problem with, talk to your doctor or simply get some over-the-counter anti-nausea medicine for them. Another thing you should consider is the entertainment for your kids during the trip, which is why you should pack some coloring books and crayons, puzzles or playing cards. Finally, having an extra change of clothes for them in your handbag, along with some wet wipes and tissues, could be a lifesaver. 

One extra tip would be to have fun and relax. Your kids love you and they’ll have a lot of fun with you, whatever you decide to do. And if you really want them to remember this vacation, release your own inner child and have as much fun as they do.

Diana Smith

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