5 Things to Remember When Traveling With Your Partner


Traveling is fun. Especially, when you’re traveling with someone who you love. It’s a great way to bond, connect, reconnect, and to truly get to know someone on a deeper level. One of the things I’d highly recommend before taking a relationship to the next level— getting engaged or married, is to travel together.

It’s one of the best ways to truly see just how compatible you are together, how well you get along, and if you can really stand to be close and intimate with your partner for an extended period of time, and without going completely nuts. And you might think, “Who would go nuts with someone they’re in a relationship with?” I mean, come on! You’re on a fun trip, exploring, relaxing, and having your partner by your side. What could possibly go wrong? Well, a lot. The following is a list of 5 things to remember when traveling with your partner.

1. Be Easy-Going

Develop the Fonzie mentality when on a trip. You know, Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli? From Happy Days? The Fonz? “Eyy.” O.K., I give up. So if you don’t know Fonzie, no worries, but he’s super easy-going and generally a peacemaker. He plays it cool and well, he was cool. Very cool. Eyy. O.K., I’m done. Everyone wants to be around someone who keeps things light and who’s predominantly easy-going. It simply makes things more fun and enjoyable to be around someone who doesn’t create drama and who doesn’t get all worked up, who are never satisfied, or who complains endlessly about, well, everything.

Be easy-going, take-it-easy, and don’t make little things a big deal. If you’re picky (like me), remember not to sweat the little things. Don’t create drama or be too picky about every little thing. Embrace imperfections, go with the flow, and remember, part of being on a trip and going away with someone, is learning to bond and share, as well as to learn about what the other person likes dislikes and all about their preferences.

2. Be Fair

Take turns when driving, when making decisions, when picking where to go, and what to do. Things should never be one-sided in a relationship. This goes for all types of relationships. Be fair and ask your partner how they feel and what their preferences are. When you can’t make up your minds, flip a coin or make an executive decision to take turns. Learn to compromise.

A great thing to remember when it comes to being fair is that you also need to remember to be selfless and giving. But don’t let things become one-sided, simply because you have a loving and giving heart. That’s a beautiful thing, but be cautious that things don’t take a turn for the worse—which would be a one-sided relationship, where your wants and needs never get met. Be good to yourself, as well as to the other person. Embrace the fact that you have an opinion and different preferences, and love yourself enough to do things that you want too, and not only what your partner wants.

3. Be Decisive

When one person can’t make up their mind, it can be troubling. But when two people can’t make up their minds, it can be annoying. There’s a big difference between being easy-going, and not speaking up, not caring, and not having a voice or an opinion. Someone who never has an opinion and always wants the other person to make all of the decisions can drive the other person nuts.

Know what you want, what you like, what you don’t like, and what you prefer. And if you can go either way with a decision, pick one! Pick one for the love of G-d! Be decisive. If the other person wants your opinion, give it to them. When someone says, “You decide” too much, it’s simply not as much fun. It’s good to have differences, to brainstorm, and to communicate in a fashion where you can listen and learn all about what another person likes. Have an opinion and speak your mind. Bring on the passion!

4. Pack Wisely and Be Prepared

Don’t pack too much Princess (or Prince?). Keep it light… in every way! Keep baggage and luggage to a minimum. You get my drift. Don’t bring things that you “might” need. Bring things that you “will” need. I’m talking about essentials here. No one wants to be dragging around a bunch of luggage that they don’t really need.

Leave the name brands at home. Heaven forbid, you’ll lose things that are valuable or sentimental if you bring them along. And it’s just best to avoid unnecessary drama or turbulence. Bringing valuables is a headache waiting to happen. Make a checklist, pack your essentials, and if there’s any room left over, have a ball, indulge, and add a couple of “might” needs.

5. Be Kind, Considerate, and Appreciative

Being grateful should be something instilled in you all the way down to your core. It’s a trait that you should truly embrace with all of your being. Be grateful for everything that you have in life. Feel good and be happy with who you are, and what you have, as opposed to who you’re not, and what you lack. Be appreciative for the mere fact that your partner is making the time for you and choosing to be with you.

Keep expectations down to a minimum. The fewer expectations that you have, the less unhappy and unsatisfied you’ll be. Be appreciative of anything and everything that your partner does for you. As well, be appreciative of what all workers and other people do for you as well. Be kind. End road rage or the possibility of it (if you’re the type), by being prepared and not running late. Be considerate of other people, as well as your partner. Be on time for things, for the trip, for meals, and all else. Last but not least, don’t be a spoiled snob, arrogant, or act like people owe you things in life or that you deserve special treatment. Be humble, be kind, and be appreciative.

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2 thoughts on “5 Things to Remember When Traveling With Your Partner

  1. Great post! As much as I love traveling solo, I love traveling with my boyfriend and my other friends. Even though I’m an easy going for the most part, I can be a control-freak when picking where to go, over-decisive even. This is a good note to self 🙂 Thanks for this post, I needed this! xx

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