4 Emergency Phone Numbers To Have Before Leaving For A Road Trip



When you’re wrapped up in the excitement that comes with preparing for a road trip, it may be easy to forget that sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. Just in case, it’s much easier to be prepared and collect a list of emergency phone numbers in advance. These four numbers may come in handy if you run into trouble.

1. Family Doctor

Having your family doctor’s number on hand can be useful in case someone doesn’t feel quite right. Even if you can’t go into their office, they can give insight as to what the best course of action is depending on the situation especially since they already have everyone’s medical history. If the problem is straight-forward, they may be able to prescribe medication if needed and help to get everyone feeling better as soon as possible. You might want to also know how to get in contact with a doctor virtually. This can sometimes be a faster option when you are in a health emergency.

2. Automotive Services

No matter how good of shape your car is in, sometimes there can be car problems that unexpectedly arise. Finding reliable mechanics along the way can help to get your car back in working condition quickly so you can continue your road trip with minimal delay. A
tow truck service would also be valuable information in case you can’t get your car to the nearest mechanic on your own. 

3. Friend or Family Member

If you have an automotive issue that can’t be resolved right away, you may need a friend or family member who can bail you out. Have someone you can reach out to in case there’s no way to finish the trip and you need to get home while you wait for the car to be ready for you to pick-up again. You might even have a friend who is knowledgeable about auto work. They will be able to talk you through minor repairs that aren’t necessary for a professional mechanic to make. Also make sure to tell a friend or family member you are leaving, where you are going, and when you will be back. They can be your go-to person to call in an emergency and check-in with when you arrive at your destination. 

4. Emergency Services

Make sure you have the ability to call the emergency services where you’re going. Dialing 911 is ingrained in most people’s minds but this only works if you’re near where your cell phone is based or calling from a landline. Find the correct number to call for the emergency services in the area of your destination so you can easily be connected to those who can best assist you. 

There’s a good chance that your road trip will go smoothly. However, emergencies happen and being prepared will make getting through a bump in the road simpler and reduce the stress of the situation. Always be prepared with the right information in order to receive the best help so you can get on with your vacation.


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