Safe on the Road: Solo Road Trip Tips for Women



There’s no better way to experience freedom, explore an area and reflect on your life than during a solo road trip. While guys don’t have to think too much about prep, women solo travelers will need a few more steps towards a safe solo road trip.

Research Your Route

While road trips are all about freedom and spontaneity, you sure want to know where you’re going. Adjust your route so that you can avoid sketchy areas and count in plenty of rest stops. Even if you ride through all the worst parts of the country, you will probably be fine, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Inform Your Friends and Family

Give a rough itinerary of your trip to your family and friends, so that they know where you are. This will not only reduce worry on their side but also ensure quick police or ambulance intervention in case of an emergency.

Have Reliable GPS

Having a good GPS in your car will save you a lot of trouble. Since there’s no one to read maps or give directions, your GPS unit will be the key when driving through unfamiliar areas. This little gadget will not only help on the road but also inform you of the nearest hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

Prep Your Ride

If you neglect to check your car, even if it’s new, you’re basically begging to be stranded which is never a good thing for a solo female traveler. So, make sure to bring your car to a good mechanic who will ensure you’re ready to go. Additionally, unless you don’t mind returning with a few scratches on your car, you might want to look into getting a quality paint protection film that will make removing dirt and splatters very easy. Even some light scratches will disappear within minutes in the heat of the sun! This type of protection can ensure your vehicle comes back home looking uh-mazing!

Pack Well

In case of emergency, you will want to be equipped with a flashlight, batteries, jumper cables, first aid supplies, flares, a reflective triangle, and some change to make a telephone call if you run out of reception.

Bring Entertainment

When you have some passengers, it’s easy to stay awake and entertained. However, having nothing but the road in front of you can quickly lead to fatigue and sleepiness no matter how gorgeous your surrounding is. In order to prevent that from happening, put plenty of music on your phone so you can sing along or download a fun audiobook to keep you entertained.

Pack Plenty of Healthy Snacks

It’s easy to neglect your wellness when you spend so much time behind the wheel. But between all the greasy gas station snacks and cheap fast food options at your destination, it’s important to grab something nutritious and healthy. So, stock your car with plenty of healthy foods from blueberry muffins to crisp veggies and homemade trail mixes. And don’t forget about water! You can survive without food for weeks, but you will perish quickly if you don’t have anything to drink.

Be Spontaneous

Having your car at your disposal means you can forget all about set schedules like during train or plane journeys. You can basically stop wherever you like, wakeup when you’re rested and explore without being scared you’ll be late for something. Step out of your comfort zone (as long as you’re using your common sense) and feel the freedom road trips offer. These unplanned events like roadside BBQs, random town stops and quirky attraction visits usually make the most interesting memories.

If you prep well, use your common sense and listen to your gut, you will definitely have a lot of fun and feel perfectly safe on your solo trip. You go, girl!

Diana Smith

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