4 Essentials for an Upscale Dessert Party With Your Friends



While you and your friends might always love a good party, having a dessert party takes the party elements to the next level. Along with getting together to unwind and have some fun, you’ll also get the chance to taste some delicious cakes and other desserts that will have you wanting more with each bite. But to make sure your upscale dessert party is one that will be held up as the gold standard of all future dessert parties, there are four essentials you will need to become a legend in your own time.

1. A Catchy Theme

While you may think having a party focused on desserts is enough of a theme, your guests will be even more eager to attend if you have a catchy theme to grab their attention. For example, your theme could be based on something you and your guests love from pop culture, such as a favorite movie, songs, or anything else. For many of today’s upscale dessert gatherings, creating desserts focused on a particular color is very trendy. Invite your guests to dress up to match or plan themed games to play while you are enjoying your desserts.

2. Serve Great Adult Beverages

While your desserts will be the main focus of your party, nothing makes the get-together better than having some of your favourite alcoholic beverages to accompany the delicious food. Consider purchasing some Italian sweet wines to drink with the desserts. Since these wines are famous for going great with everything from chocolate brownies to carrot cakes, your party will be a hit with everyone in attendance. You can also have a drink mixing station where guests can make their own dessert cocktails or other beverages for non-alcohol drinkers.

3. Unique Dessert Combos

At your upscale dessert party, it is essential you go for the gusto and have a unique combination of desserts available for your guests. By doing so, your party will be even more memorable. For example, even if you have the very best chocolate chip cookies in the world at your party, have something new such as lemon treats that include basil. Since adding herbs to desserts is becoming very trendy, your guests will love the chance to try this new twist. Donโ€™t be afraid to branch out and try something new. However, if you do, it may be a good idea to sample the dessert before serving it to ensure that your guests will enjoy it as well.

4. Small, Portioned Desserts

If you opt for small, portioned desserts at your party, this will encourage your guests to try a little bit of everything. Along with having plenty of variety at your party, you’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of food for everyone to enjoy. After all, you’ve probably never heard anyone say there were too many dessert options available at a party.

Once your guests combine their Italian sweet wines with your various desserts, you may find yourself being asked to hold an upscale dessert party more often than you ever imagined.


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