4 Tips for Throwing an Entertaining Holiday Party for Your Friends



During the holiday season, you usually gather with your family to enjoy dinners and fun activities. However, you can also host an entertaining party for your friends. This should be a celebration that includes decorations, food and drinks, games, and other details that offer a way for you to relax and laugh together. Here are a few tips to consider so to make the most of your holiday parties.

1. Food

One of the most important components of your holiday party with your friends should be food. Try to offer foods that coincide with the theme of your party. Vegetable and fruit trays are a good option for a small gathering. If you want to do something fun, then ask your guests to make cookie plates for a cookie exchange. You can decorate the food table with holiday items so that it’s festive. Don’t forget to offer beverages for the holiday as well, such as hot cocoa or apple cider.

2. Games

No holiday party is complete without a few festive games. You can play a sock game where everyone packs a holiday sock with gifts and exchanges them by playing a card game. You can also ask everyone to bring an inexpensive gift to your party that can be passed around while playing an online game that
Z4 Poker, LLC offers. Another option would be to select items from your home that you no longer need or want and offer them as prizes for games that you play. Try to make your games and activities holiday-specific and get creative. For example, put a twist on the classic “two truths and a lie” game for New Year’s Eve by playing “two resolutions and a lie.”

3. Decorations

Make decorating for your
party fun. Hang large ornaments from the ceiling in the kitchen and living room. Put festive tablecloths on the tables. Consider getting the supplies needed so that everyone can make ornaments or decorations to take home. Items that can be used for decorations if you don’t have a large budget include candy canes, lights that you already have to put on your tree, and ornaments that you can put in clear vases.

4. Music

Holiday music can be played lightly in the background at your party or turned up so that guests can dance while enjoying food and talking to each other. Offer a mix of slow and upbeat holiday songs as your guests might not like all of the same music. Consider playing a few playful songs for children to enjoy if they will be at your party. For some holiday parties, you might want to consider simply playing the current top 100 hits. 

The month of December can be a time to relax and celebrate during each holiday. One way that you can enjoy the festivities is by hosting a fun party for your friends. Make a plan ahead of time, working with a theme when possible so that you have all of the food, music, and decorations needed for entertaining.


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