4 Gift Ideas for Your Bookworm Friend



We all have a friend who is a total bookworm. They might say they love you, but they can’t hide the fact that they love curling up with a good paperback just as much. The problem with such a friend is that they’re liable to show up late to engagements because they “just had to finish the chapter they were on.” The good thing is that it’s incredibly easy to buy them gifts. If your bookworm friend has a birthday or other special occasion coming up, here are four items you can be sure they’d love to receive.

1. The Latest Hot Novel


If your friend enjoys keeping up with the latest literary sensations, then they’d probably be interested in the latest hot novel to hit the shelves. A quick trip to a local bookstore is in order, and the person behind the counter should be able to direct you to a popular recent release. Getting a newly released book  for your friend will be a safe bet, since it’s likely they haven’t gotten their hands on it yet. Just make sure you get a feel for your friend’s tastes before you make a purchase. You wouldn’t want to get a fantasy novel for a history buff or a breezy beach read for a fan of more serious fiction. Again, ask the bookstore owner to give you recommendations based on your friend’s favorite genres. 

2. A Poetry Anthology



Poetry is great because it distills the beauty of language and ideas into condensed, digestible bites. While a book of poetry by a single author could work, anthologies are even better purchases because they offer more variety. A single anthology could include everyone from Greek and Latin classical writers to contemporary Puerto Rican poets. Any poetry lover would appreciate that type of range.

3. A Gift Card for a Local Bookstore

Some serious readers have “to-read” lists that are five miles long. They wouldn’t appreciate an actual book as a gift unless the title happens to be on their list. By giving them a gift card, you enable them to get themselves a book they were planning on reading anyway. This is an especially good time to support your local bookstore. Many of them are suffering because of the pandemic, so turn to your local bookstores first to look for gift cards or book recommendations for your friend or family member. 



If you’re looking for a smaller, cheaper gift, then you can’t go wrong with a bookmark. This is the simplest, most essential item in any avid reader’s toolkit. By finding a design or image that matches they’ll personality, you’ll also have a chance to make the gift more meaningful. You can also find bookmarks that have images from their favorite book to make it even more personalized. 


There’s nothing easier than buying a gift for a voracious reader. You know exactly what it is that they most enjoy, so just buy them something that gives them their literary fix. Use some of the above suggestions for their next birthday or special occasion. 


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