The Balance Between Words and Actions



When you truly love someone, you should do things to show them how much you care. You should want another person’s happiness more than your own when that love is real. Only a spiteful, bitter, ignorant, and selfish person filled with hatred would create pain for someone that they claim to love. Peace, harmony, and Shalom Bayit (peace in the home) are essential in having happiness with your partner, and in your relationship. It’s important to show your loved ones, and people that you care for how much they mean to you by your words and your actions. In other words, if you’re going to talk the talk, and express your feelings to your partner with your words, it’s imperative that you follow up your words with your actions.

You can only get so far by texting someone your feelings, emailing them, and expressing your love through words. There should be a balance between your words and actions when it comes to expressing your love to your partner. Sending red heart Emoji’s, little kissy face Emoji’s, and sweet, and loving text messages is something that almost everyone is capable of doing. The fact of the matter is, everyone is capable of doing those types of things, but how often those text messages and words are used, and to how many people they’re used to is unknown, and does very little in the long run.

When you express your feelings to your partner, they should be honest, direct, sensitive, genuine, and incredibly sincere and loving. Nothing is worse than getting empty words, empty texts, and empty I love you’s, or even empty actions from someone that you care for. It can be quite painful when you realize that someone that you love so dearly is so easy with their words, and expresses their love through their words and actions to many other people as well. I don’t know about you, but that sure wouldn’t make me feel special if I thought I wasn’t the only one that had their heart.

Everything in life should be done with balance and in moderation. It’s important to keep this in mind when you’re dating someone new, in a long-term relationship, or even married. The longer that you’re in a relationship, the more effort that you should be putting into improving it. Many times people get so used to their life with their partner that they stop doing the sweet things that they did when they first met. On the contrary, your partner should express more love the longer that you’re together, not less. Things change the longer that you’re together, but they shouldn’t change for the worse. Brainstorm some sweet gestures that you did when you first started dating. Try and do some of those things to spice up your love life, and give it a breath of fresh air.

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