4 Important Upgrades and Repairs to Make Before Selling Your House



While cleaning your place up thoroughly and hiring a skilled photographer may somewhat improve the resale value of your home. Once you actually decide you’re selling, you’ll have to make some actual repairs and improvements. Why? Well, because buying a house is not a decision that anyone makes lightly, which means that they’ll definitely come to see the place in person and they might even bring a specialist. Having your home inspected by a general contractor, plumber, electrician or just a veteran buyer’s agent will put your home to a real test. So, here are four important upgrades and repairs to make before selling your house.

1. The Exterior

The exterior of your home is crucial for the formation of the first impression of the place. Therefore, you need to start with some landscaping. For instance, you can begin by mowing the lawn and pruning some shrubbery on your property. Next, you can add a couple of simple features like a custom house number of a new mailbox. A new welcome mat is also a great idea. Still, for the maximum visual effect, you should probably hire a pressure washer. This can wash off years and decades off your façade. Sure, redoing the façade would have a better effect but this might just be too expensive and too time-consuming if you intend to make an upgrade on short notice.

2. Add a Backyard Structure

One of the most ingenious ways of adding value to your property is to construct an additional structure in your backyard. For instance, you could build a shed or construct a wooden deck to act as a backyard patio. You could also cover this patio with an elegant pergola or, if you have enough room, time and money on your hands even make a gazebo. For those who are interested in pulling this off as a DIY project, all you need are some
quality building supplies and materials. With so many tutorials online and a friend or two to help you out, this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

3. Hardwood Flooring

Those that have hardwood floors in their home have the privilege of restoring them to their full glory in no time. Sure, this doesn’t take too much money but it does take quite a bit of effort. What you need to do is to sand off the top layer of the hardwood floor and then refinish it. Generally speaking, this is something that you can do with as little as
$1.50 to $4.00 per square foot. In the end, an average room will end up costing you between $300 and $900 but if you add to the mix a quick painting project, you can completely rejuvenate the place and make your home new-looking.

4. Paint the Interior

Previously, we’ve mentioned the idea of painting the place in order to revitalize it. And in order to get the most of it, you need to follow a strategy. Namely, you have no clue about the colour preferences of your potential buyers, which is why you need to choose colour based on three major principles. First, it needs to be neutral (in order not to drive people away). Second, it needs to be simple and clean-looking. Finally, it needs to be maintenance-friendly.

Remember, while there are some home improvements that will definitely increase the value of the place, they might not yield a positive return. Why? Because you’ll invest more than you’ll get back at the resale. Therefore, these projects are only worth it if you intend to stay there and aim to improve the overall lifestyle quality within the place. It is, therefore, best that you follow the above-listed and expand it with other resale-friendly projects of your own choosing. 

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