4 Kinds of Lawyers You Should Have Access to in Case of Tragedy



When a tragic death or loss occurs, you should not go through the matter all alone. Every mourner needs emotional and spiritual support. However, we also live in a material world. After a tragedy, affairs must be put in order. You have access to legal representatives who understand every type of law from personal injury to bankruptcy law. Here are 4 lawyers to consult when a tragedy hits.

1. Personal Injury Lawyer

Anyone can be in a serious accident that results in severe injuries and mounting medical bills. When the bills become too much to handle, and you feel a need for retribution, the next step is to hire a personal injury lawyer. You cannot go through the task of obtaining compensation all on your own. Hire a qualified lawyer to help you get exactly what you deserve. Even if you are unsure about the exact cause of the accident, it can be worth it to get a consultation with a lawyer. They might be able to help you get to the bottom of the problem or help you find peace of mind.

2. Wrongful Death Lawyer

Some people die in preventable accidents. They may have gotten hit by a drunk driver, injured during a fight or injured while using a defective machine at work. Such an accident is tragic, but it also has a direct cause. A wrongful death attorney ensures that you receive the right amount of compensation for this mishap and the guilty party is rightfully punished. Hiring this lawyer is a civil duty to ensure that this type of preventable death does not recur in the future.

3. Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning is needed before or after a death occurs that requires the distribution of the deceased person’s property. An estate planning lawyer decides who gets which portion of the person’s assets, whether it’s homes, furniture, vehicles or land. Before tragedy occurs, it’s common to use this lawyer to create a will and power of attorney. You also need their services to choose an executor or create an execution plan for the will. A great estate planning lawyer can help make the entire process much easier.

4. Bankruptcy Lawyer

A bankruptcy can happen after a death in the family, a natural disaster or a bad investment. Bankruptcy happens to people who cannot pay off their own or other people’s debts. A bankruptcy lawyer goes over the process of debt elimination and the options to refinance your payment plan. You have the benefits of wiping out some debts, putting a hold on wage garnishments and starting anew with more stable finances.

Most people face tragedies that require the expertise and experience of lawyers. You may need to carry out a will, divide your estate among relatives or sue a property owner because of an accident, and you need the right type of lawyer for the task. Know the different types of legal providers available to you and work on recovering through the legal system. The right expert can be a great support during a traumatic and difficult time.


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