How To Get Your Grandfather’s Affairs in Order After His Death



Losing your grandfather is challenging, even when you know that they have lived a full life. In addition to dealing with your grief, you may also be tasked with managing their affairs. Figuring out how to get your grandfather’s affairs in order is easier when you begin by taking these steps.

Plan for His Funeral and Burial

One of the first things you’ll want to do is reach out to a funeral home to begin planning for your loved one’s memorial service. If your grandfather left instructions for how he wants to be remembered, then you’ll want to do your best to follow them. If not, then reach out to your other loved ones for ideas or consider their religious preferences to plan a meaningful ceremony. Planning for his immediate needs is the best way to move forward in this situation. You want to make sure he is honored correctly too.

Reach Out to an Estate Planner

When you know that your grandfather will soon pass, it is best to work with him to utilize estate planning services to establish a will along with other legal documents that will cover his affairs. If you did not get a chance to do this, then you may still reach out to an estate planner for help with handling the legalities of wrapping up your grandfather’s financial and legal obligations.

Refrain From Taking Major Actions

In your state of grief, you might feel like giving away pieces of your grandfather’s property to his loved ones. Or, you might be ready to start paying off his debts. However, your grandfather’s affairs will likely need to go through probate before you take any significant actions. Holding off on making major decisions until you hear from an estate planner or lawyer helps you to avoid falling into legal trouble without meaning to make the wrong decisions. Be sure to be mindful when giving away your grandpa’s things that he accrued in life. You definitely do not want to offend any members of your family by giving away or selling possessions that are high-value and /or sentimental.

Carry Out Your Duties for the Estate

Once you know what your role is in handling his estate, you can begin taking further action to settle his affairs. For instance, you might need to reach out to his life insurance company to inform them of his passing. You may also need to obtain legal documents, such as his death certificate, that will allow you to move forward with determining his assets as you carry out his will. This is incredibly important when dealing with a situation like this.

The loss of your grandfather may leave you reeling with difficult emotions, but you don’t have to handle this part of losing him alone. Make sure to reach out to professionals who have experience in helping people with managing the affairs of their lost loved ones. Doing so helps you stay in compliance with the law while also being able to carve out time to work through your grief.


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