4 Romantic Anniversary Ideas When Your Spouse Values Quality Time



Quality time is important for couples so you’re sure to want your anniversary to feel extra special. You can go to a movie any time and that really doesn’t allow you to talk and share whatever you would like to say. Think outside the box and take your spouse on one of these quality dates to celebrate your upcoming anniversary.

1. Recreate Your First Date

First dates are all about getting to know someone so there’s a good chance you took your spouse somewhere that you could talk. This is a romantic way to show that you haven’t forgotten your roots as a couple. You get to make new memories together while enjoying the nostalgia of the early days.

2. Go to A Nice Restaurant

Most of us usually go to chains and casual dining all year long. It’s time to go big for your anniversary by going to a more upscale restaurant for your anniversary. The increased privacy makes for an intimate setting to talk about the future and reminisce with your love. Try to make it personal. Go to the place where you had your first date or where you proposed. If you went on your honeymoon to Italy then go to an Italian private dining restaurant with a romantic ambiance. Stay away from something with a kids menu and high-chairs. Leave the sitter with pizza for the kids and a movie. You can all enjoy your time.

3. Splash of Adventure

If you got married during the popular summer wedding season, there’s no better way to get some quality time together than being out in nature. The serene setting allows you to enjoy the world around you, have endless time to talk, or just enjoy each other’s presence. Whether you just go out for the day or spend a few days camping together, you’re sure to finish your trip feeling refreshed and closer as a couple after some time in a tandem kayak.

If you are out of cell service, without Netflix, phone apps, you’ll be able to spend the time together. Whether you are talking around a bonfire or silently soaking up the beauty of a trail you’ll be able to spend that time together. Sometimes changing the day to day monotony together is all you need to rekindle your connection in a way they can feel your love.

4. Spa Date

Life can be stressful. Between work and kids, if you have them, relaxation and quality time together can be two things that suffer in your marriage. Going out for a spa date featuring a relaxing couples massage and other pampering is a great way to fix both of these things. Spend the day relaxing together and get some much-needed couples time. Everyone wins with this relaxing anniversary date in paradise.

Anniversaries can be hard to plan for every year so make sure you find something your partner will love. Pamper them in the way that they’re most receptive to and the date is sure to be a hit. Take your spouse on one of these unique anniversary dates this year so they see you truly have their best interests in mind.


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