When Your Partner Doesn’t Feel Your Love



No one should ever be made to feel that they’re hard to love. If you’re in a relationship where the person tells you that not only are you hard to love, but as if the way that they’re loving you never seems to get through to you or doesn’t seem adequate enough, just know that there are other reasons for why that’s happening, and it’s not necessarily your fault or even true. You’re not hard to love. The right person is going to love and adore you just the way that you are, and they’ll never, and I mean never view you as difficult to love. 

We all want to feel loved in the way that works for us as individuals, and where we’ll feel loved the most. Does that make sense to you? You see, each of us feels and embraces love in a different manner. This is why it’s so imperative to be direct, and have great communication with the person that you’re with, and to let them know what makes you feel loved the most. 

You can’t expect that someone is going to automatically know how you want to be loved unless you’re going to be willing to tell them. Having great communication is everything if you want to have a healthy relationship. And when it comes to loving a person the way that they want to be loved, the only way to know how is to ask the person directly. Oh, and they should ask you as well. You might feel loved an entirely different way. 

Relationships are all about learning what the other person likes, dislikes, and what works for them and makes them feel loved. You have to be willing to treat each and every new relationship as if there were a blank, clean slate, and not bring your own ideas, thoughts, and assumptions are from what you’ve experienced previously into this new relationship. No one wants to be loved exactly as your ex might have. You can’t expect that the person that you’re with will want to be treated in the same manner or even loved in the same way that your ex might have. 

We are all unique and beautiful individuals and should be treated as such. Therefore, if you’re in the type of relationship where the person feels that you’re hard to love, then one of two things is likely occurring. Either they’re not loving you in a way that works for you and makes you feel loved, or they’re not the right match for you. Either way, don’t get down or upset about it. Just try to communicate your feelings to your partner and see if you can resolve these issues, and whether or not they’re open to loving you in a way in which you’ll feel their love more.

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