4 Tips for Choosing Elegant and Classic Furniture Styles



Elegant furniture styles are the stuff that classic mid-century modern homes are made of. Despite the changing trends in furniture styles, classic and elegant furniture styles never go out of style. They reflect a room’s beauty and warmth and can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on your preferences. If you’re shopping for some classic furniture styles right now, keep the following four principles in mind.

1. Matching Design Elements

Matching design elements on your furniture, like similar colors, styles, and detail, creates a look of unity in a room. Most elegant furniture styles have classic lines that are indicative of the style, such as curves or corners. A unified design element allows the overall character of your decorative design to come through. However, it’s also important to avoid focusing too much on a single theme. Just because you have paisley accents on your couch and armchairs, for example, doesn’t mean you want them on the curtains, coffee table, and shelves as well. Keep strong and distinctive patterns spread out and sparse to avoid overpowering the eyes with a single theme.

2. Aim for Simple Lines and Shapes

As mentioned, an elegant room doesn’t look busy. Simplistic designs that use minimalistic color coordination and aren’t overly complicated in shape help maintain a fresh and open feeling in a room, much classier than a clutter of styles. Simple lines and shapes also contribute to the room’s energetic and visual balance. The most elegant rooms look sleek and timeless. If the furniture is made with simple shapes, it should be easy for the eyes to follow a single line of focus around the room, directing to all of the important decorative and practical areas.

3. Keep Colors Simple

Simple colors complement simple lines and shapes. This isn’t to say that you can’t have some colors in your room. However, it’s best to use pops of color as accents. This creates a dramatic effect. For example, say you’ve chosen a brown sofa. Adding a few teal or navy blue accent pillows or throw blankets to the couch makes the colors stand out without their colors overpowering the room.

It is important, as well, not to use the exact same color all over the room. If you use teal on the pillows, then your curtains should be ocean blue. Allow different gradients in your accents to avoid creating visual competition. If you’re concerned about coordinating the colors of your larger furniture pieces, keep in mind that many furniture stores offer their products in a variety of colors and textures beyond what is out on the showroom floor.

4. Use Leather

Many classic home decorating styles include leather due to its beauty, its durability, and its timelessness. Although once thought of as the go-to material for the masculine study, it’s now a lot more versatile, according to Architectural Digest. If you can’t afford a leather couch with matching ottoman, then look for smaller accents, like leather-bound books or picture frames.

Decorating in classic styles means your furniture transcends trends and looks timeless and inviting. By choosing furniture that features the right colors, styles, and materials you can create an elegant look in any room in your home.


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