Love Vintage Styles? Tips for Decorating Your Home



There’s something about a vintage look that feels right. Whether you’re a fan of the classic, modern look, or something in between – the vintage style is perfect for you. The essence of this particular aesthetic is timelessness, which makes it easy to incorporate into your home without much hassle. Let’s look at some decorating tips to help you integrate this timeless style seamlessly into your home.

Keep It Simple

When going for a vintage style, the last thing you want to do is make your decorating look like it was stuck in time. It can help to keep your style simple and natural. Make sure that you keep your furniture in a similar color palette. And choose your accessories, décor, and art in an analogous color. This can help to tie everything together and make your home look seamless. It might also help to stick to one decade to come up with a cohesive design. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Metals

Vintage styles are often associated with metals, so why not embrace this trend in decorating? If you’re unsure about mixing metals, you can keep it simple by sticking to one or two metals in your décor. On the one hand, you can add a splash of color with colorful metals, like gold or silver. You can also use mixed metals to add an industrial feel to your decor. Use brass and copper to create a warm, vintage look, or mix brass and bronze to create a softer and more muted style.

Find Photography Restoration

If you’re garnishing a room with many vintage photos, restoring and decorating with vintage styles can be a great idea. There are a lot of photography restoration services online that will help you convert your pictures and color them, to help you get the vintage look you’re looking for. You can also add vintage-style frames to the photos to give them a finished look.

Match Your Furniture to the Theme

When decorating with a vintage style, ensure you match your furniture to the theme. You can also decorate with pieces you’re fond of to help tie everything together. You can decorate your home with your favorite paintings or a collection of photos.

Visit Antique Stores

Incorporate plenty of antique pieces into your decorating. You might want to purchase some vintage glassware or wall art. These will be one-of-a-kind pieces that bring character into your home. Choose pieces to bring into your home depending on what decade is your favorite when it comes to interior design style

If you want to add a vintage aesthetic to your home, the above tips will help you know where to get started. The essence of the vintage style is timelessness, so you don’t have to worry about this style becoming dated or falling out of fashion. And because it’s such a popular trend, it’s also one of the easiest ways to create a home that extends from the crowd. Now, many decorating tips can help you decorate with a vintage style, so follow them.


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