4 Unique Gifts to Celebrate Your Child’s First Communion



The holy communion is one of the most special occasions for a kid you are raising in the faith of the Catholic church. The monumental occasion is often marked when your child becomes seven or eight years. As it represents a child’s becoming a part of the Catholic church, it is a special day – and it is important to entertain a party to mark this sacred event.

Whether planning a party or purchasing gifts for your kid, the whole experience can be demanding for any parent. But, the hardest part of celebrating your kid’s first communion is choosing the right gift for them, especially if you are a last-minute shopperThat is the primary reason why we have put together a list of gift ideas to help you through all the anxieties and help you focus your energy on the most important thing; your child’s first communion. 

Here are a few ideas of personalized Christian gifts to help you choose the best gift for your kid during their first communion celebration.

1. Rugged Rosaries

If the communicant is a son, then you probably want to get them a rugged rosary. One primary benefit of rugged rosaries is their nearly indestructible nature. We all know that boys can be rough with everything, and their first communion gift would not be any different. 

A rugged rosary not only lasts longer but also really looks cool on your little boy. To make this personalized gift special, ensure you consider the color before choosing a rugged rosary.

2. Cross-Shaped Earrings or Necklace

A rugged rosary would be enough for a boy, but what if your little communicant is a girl? The truth is, it can be a little tough to pick a first communion gift for your little girl. However, you can never go wrong with a cross-shaped necklace or earrings. 

Your baby girl could wear the necklace or earrings to their first communion or even on their wedding day. Like rugged rosaries, these cross-shaped necklaces and earrings look cool and represent religion, making them a great gift for a first communicant. 

3. First Communion Prayer Locket

Another great way to gift your baby girl during their first communion is by getting them a first communion prayer locket. A heart-shaped locket is both a cool and thoughtful way to commemorate your little girl’s first communion. 

One great thing about a locket is that she can place a handwritten note of prayer or any other sentiment in it. These prayer lockets come in different styles and colors to ensure there is something for everyone.

4. Children’s Bible

A children’s Bible is a great gift choice for both a boy and a girl. It is a collection of bible stories rather than the actual translation of the Bible. For that reason, it is easier for your small communicant to read and understand it. 

A children’s Bible also encourages a kid to read it as it has shorter stories and pictures to help them visualize the situation, helping them understand the meaning of the stories.

The first communion sacrament is a sacred and important milestone for any kid – and celebrating it with people close to you represents a wonderful time for them. 

However, picking the most appropriate gift for the first communicant might be one of the most important parts of the celebration. A perfect first communion gift should be a lasting religious souvenir. 


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