Great Tips for a Sustainable House Remodel



If you think your house is ready for a small makeover, fall is the perfect time for this endeavor. But what kind of additions can you make that will boost the style of your space and positively affect its sustainability? Since we all have to take care of our planet more than ever, here’s what your house interior can do for the cause. Here are a few sustainable décor ideas to remodel your home that will turn it into a green oasis of style.

Paint With Eco-Friendly Paint

One of the first things people decide to do when they want to remodel their home is to give it a fresh coat of paint. However, did you know that not all paint is equal? Traditional paints contain a variety of toxic things called VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can off-gas toxins and pollution into the atmosphere for years. This phenomenon is very bad for the environment, but also can be harmful to you and your family that needs to breathe in these toxins. In the past, VOCs were necessary for good paint performance, but today, we know better and have safer paints. Make sure to choose a can that’s labeled low- or zero-VOC.

Add a Splash of Vintage

The simplest and cheapest way to revamp your house is to decorate it with green pieces is to hit up your local thrift store or flea market and buy a few used pieces. If you love that vintage, rugged and distressed décor with a lot of history, reused pieces will look chic and won’t produce any pollution. On the other hand, if you really want to invest in new pieces, make sure to only give attention to companies that promote ethical labor standards and support fair trade. Make sure your furniture doesn’t contribute to the destruction of forests and rivers yet ensure it is of high quality. These practices will most likely also support small manufacturers and local artisans, which is a great thing.

Go Natural With Materials

A great way to sustainably remodel your house is to go natural with materials. Textiles in your home provide you with comfort, warmth, depth, and texture, so they are a must when it comes to decorating. But instead of going synthetic, you can opt for fabrics made with renewable resources and recycled fibers and colored with natural dyes (think organic cotton, wool, linen, bamboo, and hemp).

Add Greenery

You probably know that having plants inside is great for your health since plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, soak up toxins and purify the air. They also have a positive impact on your mental health by relieving stress and boosting your mood. So invest in a few reclaimed planters and add one to every room. If you live somewhere that lacks water for irrigation, it’s a smart idea to get a beautiful everlasting rose in a jar that doesn’t require any maintenance. This rose will provide you with all the aesthetic benefits of flowers without any maintenance waste.

Decorate With Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a great solution when you want to replace your flooring, upgrade furniture or even add wood décor pieces to your home. This recycled wood doesn’t hurt the environment unlike buying something new that destroyed many trees and wasted a lot of water to get to your store. Reclaimed wood works especially well if you love those barn-style aesthetics with bar sliding doors, floating shelves, and exposed beams.

Invest in Thermal Curtains

When reimagining your home, you must pay attention to the windows. You might want to replace your old window treatment, but make sure to get thermal curtains instead of standard ones. These curtains won’t only look amazing in your space, but also reduce your energy bill by maintaining a more constant temperature in your house. The result? You don’t have to crank up your AC or heating anymore!

Watch Out for Electricity Waste

Electrical items often simply just get too old (and ugly) to function and they require replacement. However, when updating your electrical gadgets and appliances, make sure to keep an eye on your future energy consumption. For instance, make sure to replace your old and ugly thermostat with something smart and energy-efficient (these can waste up to 50% less energy than older versions). You can also switch to LEDs or CFLs instead of incandescent bulbs that have a short life span and produce a lot of heat. Install motion sensors and dimmers to your switches to further reduce energy waste and boost the efficiency and comfort of your home.

With so many beautiful and eco-friendly ways to remodel and decorate your home, everyone can find something that fits their budget and interior design style. And by thinking sustainably, you will ensure a brighter and safer future for all of us and a more comfortable life for your family.


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