4 Ways to Free Up Time for a Saturday Out



When you have a jam-packed week, you cling to the weekend like a lifeline. You may look for ways to

make the weekend last longer and free up time. Finding ways to make those forty-eight hours stretch
can be a challenge though. Having a great weekend will not only be fun and relaxing but can help you to recharge for the upcoming week. You can make this weekend as great as possible by following these four tips for making sure you have plenty of time to do what you want. 

Stop Thinking About Monday

The more you think about Monday, the more energy and time you waste when you could be spending it

doing something entertaining. When it’s Saturday, only think about that day. Don’t fall into the trap of
dreading Monday by using a full day dedicated to not looking forward to Monday. Seize the time you
have. Check out our next tip for how you can do that. 

Make Plans Ahead of Time

The anticipation of something ahead will ensure you are only thinking about that thing when the time

comes. Having concert tickets or plans to be at the lake will give you something to look forward to.
Spend the day going out and not in the house binge-watching a television series so you know you
already know your weekend will be fun. Not having plans can also work, but in order to get the most out of your Saturday, it is best to set the date and time for activities. 

Do Chores During the Work Week

Do not leave scrubbing the tile in the bathtub for the weekend. You can easily scrub the tile right after

having your morning shower if you wake up early enough. Putting your list of chores off until the
weekend means that you will not be able to enjoy your time as much. Lighten your weekend load and
get some of the chores off of the list during the week. You might even consider hiring a plumber or
handyman to save more time on your chores. 

Prepare for Monday on Thursday and Friday

Some tasks you already know must be completed on Monday. Start them a few days ahead of time. You

will not dread Monday as much and you will be ahead of the game. That will also free up your precious
time during the weekend and prevent you from having that feeling in the back of your mind that there
are other things you should really be getting done. 

BONUS: Leave the Phone Off

Getting away from your phone is a welcomed break. Focusing on the moment can allow you to truly

escape and not feel tugged into an email that you forgot or to follow up on some research. Enjoy the
moment and being surrounded by friends or family. These are life hacks that you can take with you into the week. You can start applying these tactics at any time. Enjoy your Saturday!


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