5 Car Care Tips for the Summer



Winter often requires car owners to schedule seasonal maintenance like a new battery or all-season tires to ensure smooth driving. But summer is a great time of year to get your vehicle in top running condition for vacations and family fun before cold weather arrives. Here are five suggestions for taking care of your car this summer.

1. Repairs

Summertime offers great weather for car repairs. You won’t take to take your car out in cold temperatures and freezing precipitation, and if you need a ride home while repairs are made, someone might be more willing to come out on a sunny day than during the dreary winter cold. Driving a rental car while your vehicle is in the shop can be easier and safe in temperate weather. Having repairs like a windshield replacement or front-end alignment done during the summer means your car will be ready for more challenging road conditions as the seasons change to fall and winter. Take the time you have in summer to prepare for the rest of the year.

2. Standard Maintenance

In addition to addressing your car’s damage or need for repairs, schedule your vehicle’s routine maintenance as indicated in the owner’s manual. You may want to flush the radiator, rotate your tires, and replace all filters, including often-overlooked elements like your cabin filter, as well as having an oil change and a brake inspection. These regular bits of maintenance should have a set schedule. If you don’t have a schedule like that, summer is a great time to make one.

3. Interior Cleaning

Set aside a day, at least once every couple of months, for deep cleaning your car’s interior. You can either remove the seats yourself or have a professional car cleaning business handle the cleaning work for you. Scrub the floor mats, vacuum the carpet and seats, and clean out the glove compartment along with other pouches or compartments that may contain debris or crumbs. Don’t overlook the trunk, which often is littered with trash or forgotten items that can be tossed or stored in another place. Driving in a clean car will improve your mood.

4. Exterior Polishing

Get a thorough car scrub from a professional carwash company. Make sure to include the underbody and the tires. Consider a protective wax coating applied to seal the finish and guard against harsh weather elements and bird droppings. A regular car wash keeps your car pretty, but also makes it safer to drive.

5. Specialty Add-Ons

If you have been planning to add special features to your car, like remote entry or better speakers, this is the perfect time to do it. Look for deals and discounts to get the best product and installation prices. New covers for your steering wheel and seats can update your style and comfort.

Spending a little time and money on your car will make it feel, look, and smell nicer and help it drive more efficiently. Give your vehicle some tender loving car care this summer to enhance its performance and appearance.


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