5 Life-Changing Health Facts That Help Change Lives



Change is inevitable. There are always changes all around that dramatically impact people’s lives. People should challenge themselves and consider how they live. On the flip side, they say prevention is better than cure. How about choosing life-changing health facts that change lives? Here are just a few to consider as you make changes in your life for the better.

1. Taking Walks

Individuals who walk quickly burn fat and maintain the right weight. One can determine calorie burn through a calorie calculator. A regular short walk after eating helps lower blood sugar and keeps the body fit throughout the day. Walking lubricates and strengthens joints; a good recommendation for people living with arthritis.

2. Reading Books

As exercise is to the body, so is reading to the brain. This activity increases connectivity in the somatosensory cortex. Mentally stimulating one’s brain maintains concentration and the rate of processing. Reading engages visual and auditory processes, phonemic awareness, fluency, comprehension, and more. Individuals who can comprehend more than one language have high problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Jogging brains to action through reading, solving puzzles, and playing games slow down Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The more people read in their lives, the more, the less susceptible they are to stress and depression. Looking at life from more than one perspective provides an escape from the many problems people face today. Be it informative commentaries, biographies, or fiction, putting oneself in the character’s shoes uplifts the reader.

3. Drink Water Regularly

People need to drink more water and less carbonated drinks. There are many benefits of drinking lots of water. 

  • Improves brain function and energy levels: Balanced water intakes improve brain activity.
  • Impacts mood positively: It is common to find people complain of frequent headaches, fatigue, and increased anxiety levels due to dehydration.
  • Maximizes physical activity: Ever wondered why are people work out with bottles of water by their side? Optimal hydration leads to increased fatigue, altered body temperature control, and reduced motivation.
  • Helps control calories: Water has no magical effect on weight loss. However, substituting carbonated drinks for water is the reverse strategy.

4. Eating Fruits

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but still, a burger an hour makes a delicious meal, right? No matter how one looks at it, people are what they eat. What they consume is what keeps their bodies functioning throughout their lives. Most grocery stores are full of processed foods and street corners bursting with fast-food outlets. Listing the correlated diseases, people can term themselves a diseased nation.

To avoid being part of the statistic, people should align themselves with healthy diets for the following reasons:

Fruits and vegetables are a good source of minerals and vitamins. Avocados, prunes, bananas have plenty of phosphorus, and veggies are well-packed with vitamins A, C, and E.

Have a wide variety. When people talk of fruits and vegetables, it doesn’t always have to be boring. They vary from sweet as almonds, dates, bananas to savory like olives, grapefruits, etc. Candy is sweet but has high processed fructose sugar. On the other hand, fruits contain high sugar and are also rich in vitamins and fibers.

5. Moisturizing

This isn’t just a beauty regimen. The skin is susceptible to drying and breaking, resulting in a more aged look. Moisturizing reduces the risk of getting blemishes, fights wrinkles, and keeps the skin youthful. Part of a good skincare routine is face sunscreen. The sun can damage your skin more than you think and protecting it everyday should be a no-brainer.

People have read or heard about many things. However, the secret lies in trying out. The above factors are a healthy way of changing lives. It will be an honor if people gear towards living a better life purposefully.


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