6 Tips for an Effective Beginner Treadmill Workout



Wondering how to kick start your workout routine? A beginner treadmill workout could be a great way to get introduced to the equipment and develop an effective workout routine. The treadmill is ideal exercise equipment to warm up your muscles and get acquainted with the gym environment.

Many people prefer having a treadmill at their home as well. It is an excellent cardio machine that offers an effective cardiovascular workout. You can find treadmills for sale in Canada if you are looking for your fitness club or home gym.

Besides, being a beginner you may feel a little lost on how to operate the treadmill for a solid workout. You need not worry! We bring you six tips to guide you on your next treadmill workout. 

After reading this article, you can get started with an effective treadmill workout. So, let’s dig into it.

1. Warm-Up

Begin your treadmill workout by walking at a moderate pace of around 3mph. It is recommended to warm up for at least five minutes at a 2.5-3 mph pace. It increases the heart rate and temperature of the muscles, making them more efficient. 

After a five-minute walk or jog on the treadmill, you may pace up for 5 to 15 minutes until you are short of breath during your workout. 

2. Set a Time Limit for Your Workout

You must identify the time you are going to sweat on the treadmill. It will help you to maintain your pace.

For instance, if you plan on a 30-minute workout, you could time yourself for walking, jogging, and cooling down in a much better way. As a beginner, it would help you to get the most out of your treadmill workout and put in maximum effort. 

Setting a time limit will make you work harder to achieve your fitness goals. Thus, you could have an effective treadmill workout.

3. Monitor Your Progress

At the initial days of your workout, make sure you are monitoring your body and keeping a check on your progress. Experts suggest a three-minute test that enables you to evaluate your performance. 

Monitor your breath after walking, jogging, and running each for one minute. You may increase the speed if you can breathe easily after performing all three activities.

However, bear in mind you will perform differently every day. On some days you might work out at higher speeds compared to others. It is imperative to give your body some rest as well. Thus, hold on to those slow days.

4. Do Not Run on Incline for Long

A treadmill is supposed to simulate walking or running outdoors. If you are getting started with treadmill running, it is all right to set the incline to zero until you build your stamina and get comfortable. 

However, once you achieve your comfort level running on a treadmill, set the incline between one and two percent. If you continue to keep the incline at zero, it will be too easy for you. 

To break a sweat, you need to challenge yourself. Increase your incline or speed for some part of your workout. Keep in mind you must not run on an incline for more than five minutes being a beginner.

You may go for interval training where it allows you to run at a hard pace for a short interval and then let you rest for some time. 

This way you could maintain your speed while on a treadmill. Avoid doing interval training for two consecutive days. Instead, go for it once or twice a week.

5. Avoid Holding On to the Console or Handrails

Handrails on a treadmill are for you to safely step on and off of it. However, a lot of people hold on to them during their workout. 

You may form an incorrect posture if you hold on to the rails while running. It may make you hunch over, causing neck or back pain. You must keep your back straight and head up. 

While you are running on a treadmill, make sure your arms are placed at a 90-degree angle like you do when running outdoors. 

Further, holding on to rails while running will put your body’s weight onto them, making your workout ineffective. Thus, do not take the support of handrails while working out on a treadmill.  

6. Avoid Leaning Forward

Be sure you maintain a correct posture throughout your workout. You must not lean forward as the treadmill pulls the feet back. Leaning forward may lead to back or neck pain or even worse, make you lose your balance. 

As beginners, you may unconsciously lean forward while running. But be cautious of your posture the entire time you are on the treadmill. Keeping the right posture is important to have an effective workout.


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