5 Reasons Why Men Should Learn How to Sew



Just a couple of weeks ago, I was at a close friend’s wedding when the groom’s brother had to disappear for an hour to get his pants’ zipper fixed. I remember this particular moment very well; I saw him panicking at the sight of his zipper tab falling off his suit amid the dance floor without anyone available to rescue him from the embarrassment. On that day I remember thinking to myself: Everyone, including men, should learn how to sew

Sewing is frequently considered a female related skill, although it is a talent and a hobby that should be taught to both genders. You can learn how to do it and get the best tips at Digitizing Made Easy.

If you are skeptical, here are a few reasons why men should also learn how to sew.

1. You’ll Know How to Repair Your Clothes 

Well, obviously this is a strong reason for men to start learning this handy skill. This way, whenever you are stuck in any situation that involves torn pants, shirt pockets, and other little wear and tears, you will know what to do. Knowing how to sew will also prevent you from tossing away your shirt, jeans, or any kind of garment because you do not know how to repair it. 

2. Saves Money 

This skill can cut costs and will save you a good amount of money. Instead of having to go to the tailor whenever you need to repair your clothes, or even your child’s, you will be able to do it yourself. This way, you won’t have to spend money every time you need to hem your jeans or sew a missing shirt’s button. This will also extend your garment’s lifetime and save you the costs of having to buy new clothes. 

3. Make Unique Gifts 

When you are good at sewing, you’ll be able to make some unique gifts that will delight your friends and family. You can sew several things once you learn this skill, for example, you’ll be able to make a baby blanket yourself, a little child’s t-shirt, or even a hand warmer. If you are looking for ideas, there are several easy sewing projects that you can look up online to give you some inspirations and references. Some of them even take less than 30 minutes to make. Keep in mind that those types of gifts will always feel extra special because you made it yourself. 

4. Home Décor 

This is a really good reason why you should learn to sew. This particular skill can help you around the house. With a relatively cheap sewing machine, you can make covers for chairs, customize kitchen towels or pillows, make brand new curtains, or even table runners for the holidays. You’ll be able to transform your home with this simple skill. 

5. It is Environment-Friendly 

Sewing is a handy skill that is also environmentally-friendly. Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the biggest pollutants in the environment? Home sewing is a sustainable way to make new garments or repurpose old ones instead of throwing them away.  Go into a thrift store, and pick anything made of fabric and you will be able to repurpose and transform it into whatever you’d like. 

Sewing will always remain a timeless and useful hobby for all genders. So next time instead of going to a tailor, learning to sew that garment yourself. If you find yourself getting good at sewing, you can later turn it into a profitable business that can attract potential clients. 


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