4 Supplies to Start Stocking Up on for Spring Landscaping



It might still be winter, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start thinking about your spring projects. From spring cleaning to landscaping, there will be a lot to do, and time can slip right past you if you don’t start planning for it. That includes stocking up on supplies like these for landscaping.

1. Mulch

Once the weather warms and the ground thaws, everyone will rush to buy mulch to cover their garden beds to keep the soil moist. If you stock up now, you won’t have to compete with other shoppers. While they’re just visiting the stores, you can be breaking up soil, weeding, planting, and mowing.

Just make sure to choose the right mulch for your project. Pine nuggets are best for flat areas while you’ll want a mixture of different sizes when using mulch on hills. This will also ensure that as soon as spring hits you’ll be ahead of the game and start early in your garden. 

2. Decorative Stone

There’s almost no shortage of decorative stone to choose from. Some pieces are small and delicate, even intricately cut, while others are larger and may be more natural. Stone can line walkways and flower beds, create an accent wall, or mark driveways.

These finishing touches will set your landscaping project apart from other yards, and purchasing the stone before you need it ensures you have the time you need to complete your project. Adding decor to your landscaping will get your motivation going for other gardening projects. It will brighten your mood and prepare you for the warmer seasons. 

3. Grass Seed

Winter can often leave your grass dead and dry. Revive your landscaping by making sure your yard is green and lush. Grow some new grass to make your home ready for spring. If you choose not to use sod or perhaps have a small area that you need to re-seed, grass seed should be on your shopping list. Fortunately, you can stock up and always have some on hand whenever the need arises.

There are over 9,000 species of grass to choose from, so you might need help from a professional if you’re not sure which is right for you. Remember that grass seed best takes once temperatures have reached 75 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can put it out in late spring or early summer depending on the climate in which you live. Once you’ve seeded, make sure to water to give your grass a chance to grow. 

4. Topsoil

Topsoil gives the plants or seeds you’ve added to your landscaping project vital nutrients. It is essential to have on hand for all of your plants because these nutrients may be missing from your natural soil. Mixing in several inches of topsoil with your existing soil helps plants succeed in your yard and beds.

Furthermore, to complete your landscaping project, you might need various services, such as
residential mulch services, to recommend appropriate products for your yard. Consider reaching out to the experts to complete your projects on time and professionally. 


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