5 Tips for Setting Up a Guest Room That Makes Visitors Feel Right at Home



Often forgotten about, the spare bedroom usually sits empty and stale until guests are on their way. Because it so often gets pushed out of mind, the guest room usually has little more than a bed, dresser, nightstand, and maybe a lamp, and some decorations. However, you want to make your guests feel as comfortable as possible. Here are five tips for setting up a guest room that makes visitors feel right.

1. Fragrance

While you might not use it often, you don’t want the guest room to smell dusty. Before anyone comes over, ensure everything is dusted and the sheets, blankets, and other textiles are recently washed and clean to help it smell good. You also might want to open the window for a few minutes if the weather allows moving the air through the room. Include a candle or an air freshener in the room as well. It’s best to pick a mild scent, like cotton, that won’t be too overwhelming to more scent-sensitive guests. 

2. Remove Pictures

Your guests may love you and your family, but that doesn’t mean they want to stare at your face while they are sleeping. To make the room as comfortable as possible for any guest who might come through, you want the room to feel fairly generic. You should remove any family pictures in the room. Instead, put up mirrors or pictures of landscapes, flowers, or whatever else you find attractive.

3. Window Coverings

Your guests won’t want to feel as though they are being watched by your neighbors. Provide adequate privacy with
blinds over the windows. Because blinds come in so many different styles, you can certainly find some that match your home’s decor. You can also use curtains or valances to give the blinds an added touch of flair. The blinds can even help improve energy efficiency in the summer by keeping the sun out.

4. Supply the Basics

Your guests presumably brought most things they plan to need with them. However, there are a dozen small things that often get forgotten in the hectic packing process. To help your guests, keep the basics stocked in the bathroom and bedroom. While not every guest will forget these things every time, having basic toiletries available can help in the event of an absentminded moment.

Have an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, floss, hair ties, and brush ready for your guests just in case. You can even set these things up on a neat welcoming tray to leave in the guest room, so your guests don’t feel like they have to ask for each little thing.

5. Entertainment

Even on vacation, there is plenty of downtime. This lets your guests unwind, and sometimes they want to do that in the privacy of their room. So that they don’t get too bored, make a point to put a television in the room complete with cable and streaming services. Take the time to show your guests how everything works when they arrive. You should also write down the Wi-Fi password clearly and leave it on the dresser for them.

In case they’re looking for something to do while you and your family are busy, you can also set up a packet or binder of information on the area. Highlight popular local activities and local restaurants that your family enjoys. Include, maps, basic directions, and phone numbers or website addresses if they’ll need those. 

When you have guests stay at your house, you want them to feel right at home. Help accomplish this by following these simple steps. When you put time and effort into making your guests feel comfortable, just be prepared for them to come back!


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