How to Create a Feeling of Community While Living in an Apartment



It’s weird sometimes that in the modern-day world, people can live side by side as neighbors and never get to know each other. Worse still, many people live in the same apartment, use the same corridors, but still never get to talk. However, this need not be the case for you.

While living in a
luxury apartment community, one can help to create that sense of social cohesion amongst neighbors. The bottom line to actualizing that community life lies in communication and caring for each other. The more neighbors communicate, the more likely feelings of belonging develop. It can also help you look out for each other and prevent crime in the complex. The following tips may act as a guide to creating that sense of community:

Being Friendly

Every relationship has its baby steps. Before getting to know each other, it all starts with a smile and greetings. The occasional smiles and greetings pave the way for familiarity and acceptance among neighbors. Even on a busy schedule, stopping by to pet a neighbor’s dog can be a great start. Similarly, playing with kids can get you acquainted as a good neighbor. These simple friendly gestures can break the ice between people and open up a conversation. It will also help you look approachable and welcoming to your neighbors.

Create a Social Network Page

Having a social-network page as residents of an apartment block can boost communications. In the same way, friends get to interact on platforms such as Facebook and get to know each other better; apartment block neighbors can communicate in the same way. Social media can be the place where neighbors can get to talk about issues affecting them and, in so doing, get to cultivate the feelings of belonging and community.

Host Events

Sometimes it’s not easy getting the opportunity to interact as neighbors as different people have different schedules during their days. On the other hand, people can make a conscientious decision to meet and get to interact through events.

Most people may be available during fun holidays such as Halloween and the fourth of July. Organizing cookouts and similar events at such a time may get all people involved. This way, people may get out of their comfort zones and get something to talk about. Similarly, a networking event may get more people to be interested as it may pose an opportunity for everyone to profit.

You might even want to consider starting a “get to know you” day in your complex. Communicate through flyers or social media. Tell everyone to sit on their porch and take time to walk around and chat. This will break the ice and may even help you create new friendships.

Creating a sense of community in an apartment begins at an individual level. The casual greetings and occasionally getting to know how fellow neighbors are faring can be a good step. It may take some time before everyone gets on board, but gradually strangers become friends and friends form a community.


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