5 Tips That Will Help You Create a Cozy Bedroom



Your bedroom should be your safe haven, your comfy retreat, and your favorite place within the confines of your home. Whether you’re moving into a new place or looking to redecorate your room, or simply provide yourself with a more inviting and comfortable atmosphere, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the tips we’ve shared below, and make your bedroom the perfect mix of comfortable and cute.

1. Create the Ambiance


It may sound illogical to you, but how cozy your bedroom feels mostly depends on the little details, such as personal decorations, lighting, and other components which contribute to the overall atmosphere. For a spa-like atmosphere, add warm lighting (which you can achieve by simply covering your lamp with a red scarf), and get vegan-friendly soy melts and place them in the top of oil burners for up to 70 hours of enchanting scent.

2. Linen Bedding

Although linen is more expensive than cotton, it’s definitely worth every penny. Linen bed sheets last longer, look better and feel like a night at a fancy hotel. Moreover, linen bedding adds a cool touch of freshness to your bedroom that will make you feel more relaxed and at ease.

3. Use Warm and Calming Colors


When painting your bedroom and deciding on interior design colors, stick with warm and bright hues. Colder colors will make your room sterile-looking and you will be less likely to feel comfortable and at ease in your room. Go for calming colors such as soft greens, muted browns, or rose gold which will add a splash of comfy-cozy warmth to your room. Some wicker and soft and subtle patterns in a variety of colors will keep your home feeling serene and inviting.

4. Add Layers

The easiest way to make your room feel super cozy is by adding layers. Get a bunch of throw pillows and make your bed irresistible to jump into after a long and exhausting day or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. One of the best bed hacks of all times is having two comforters. You will never have to make your bed again, and instead, just toss everything around for a very lived-in and cozy bedroom look – nothing is less cozy than a dull and neatly made bed. Apply layering trick to a rug in front of your bed as well, so your feet feel warm and nice once you get up. 

5. Add a Canopy

If possible, the best option is to stick your bed in a nook. When it comes to bed options, nothing feels as good as this. However, if you aren’t lucky with room set-up that would allow this, a good and doable alternative is a canopy. Think about skipping the old-fashioned overhead canopy and stick with side panels for a more modern approach.

In theory, your whole apartment or house should feel comfortable and reflect your personality. However, you may be limited when decorating other rooms, either due to disagreements among family members or the budget, but your bedroom deserves special attention. When it comes to your room, your sanctuary, you shouldn’t sacrifice aesthetics for comfort or vice versa. Take a note of the tips above and have all the cozy vibes, while preserving the chicness at the same time. Bad news though: getting out of bed in the morning will become even more difficult.


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