How To Make Your Bedroom’s Interior Eclectic



Eclectic design is sometimes referred to as disjointed, although this shouldn’t actually be the case when the style is appropriately employed. However, despite the absence of boundaries, when done correctly, the eclectic decorating style still retains harmony by adhering to some rules. By tying in the appearance of the room into a cohesive environment by using color, form, texture, or style, you can be sure that your room will look like you stepped into a photo you found on Pinterest.

Make the Walls Basic

Think of the space you’re working with as a tabula rasa when starting a new interior design project. This idea is doubly true when you’re working with an eclectic style. This design approach relies on a neutral backdrop to contrast with more striking design components. Neutral hues like white, black, and tan first come to mind when neutral paint colors are mentioned. They’re all valid possibilities, for sure.

However, wallpaper out of natural materials such as wood, stone, and eco-friendly fabrics is an alternative worth considering. Its texture will alleviate the possible monotony of the background. Natural materials shouldn’t only be reserved for the walls. Flooring, countertops, and other decorative objects can be more neutral too – it won’t make your room any less eclectic.

Mix Materials and Patterns

Mixing materials is another important element of eclectic bedroom decor. The bed’s sheets, carpeting, headboard, and even the small accents’ materials and patterns may all be completely different! You may either keep your eclectic bedroom’s color scheme consistent and neutral while adding pops of color or you can go all out with an eclectic mix of materials while still maintaining a unified color scheme. The choice is yours!

Adding funky rugs is also a great idea to fill up an uncomfortably empty space that should never be found in an eclectic room. If you’d want to get the most out of textures, make sure to utilize decor you can find locally for the most authentic look. For our Australian audience, we recommend looking into prints by indigenous artists. This way, you’ll know you’ll be displaying something truly phenomenal while remaining true to your Australian roots.

Lighting Can Make All the Difference

To get the most out of your lighting fixtures, make sure to consider their shape and color. The eclectic environment is brought together by mixing and matching a variety of styles, but by keeping the forms and colors consistent. Of course, if you don’t feel confident installing your own lighting fixtures, hire a professional to handle it. If you live in Queensland’s capital, a reliable electrician from Brisbane will be there to make sure that the lighting of your room is safely put up for the most eclectic atmosphere.

Statement Pieces Are All the Rage

When it comes to showcasing your personality, nothing beats a true statement piece, be it a piece of furniture or art. Your design should have something to say so make this item the star of the show. Make the standout item the room’s main point to get the most out of its uniqueness. Alter the other things in the room so that they point to your special item. With this in mind, if you’re trying to draw attention to a painting on a huge wall, make sure the artwork is large enough in size to look balanced.

If you’d like to decorate your bedroom by using a mishmash of different styles and patterns, the so-called eclectic style is right up your alley. Don’t forget to incorporate a huge statement piece, be it a fancy lighting fixture or an extravagant print. Materials and patterns should be mixed while the backdrop of your room should always remain neutral.


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