5 Ways to Design Your New Home With a Rustic Farmhouse Aesthetic



Rustic farmhouse decor provides the perfect mix of coziness and simplicity for any home. If you’re building a new home, it’s likely you’ve been dreaming of how each room may look. Unfortunately, when you go to get started, it may seem overwhelming at first. Here are five of our best tips to ensure that you turn out with the rustic farmhouse look you’ve been dreaming about.

1. Keep Colors Minimal for a Rustic Farmhouse Look

What makes a rustic farmhouse decor effective is its minimalist color design. Dark browns, tans, greys, and whites, and other neutral tones tend to be the best colors to go with. Let any pops of bright color come from accent pieces like picture frames, small statement pieces, throw blankets, or couch pillows. When picking out appliance colors, stick to the metals, blacks, whites, and blues. Again, you want a minimalist color scheme.

2. Incorporate Distressed Items

At the basis of any good rustic farmhouse design is the look of distressed items. There are many items that can be bought with a distressed look. These include flooring, photo frames, light figures, doors, tables, and cabinets. The Old World Lumber Company and other local businesses near you are great places to get custom distressed wood to use for decor and furniture for your home.

3. Bring in the Natural Materials

Another must-have part of any rustic design is natural materials. This is in reference to materials like stone and wood. Wood accents can be incorporated with furniture or picture frames. If you have a bigger budget, consider adding wood beams to your ceiling or updating your doors with solid wood. Stone is also perfect for fireplaces and an accent wall or two. The incorporation of these natural materials allows for a more down-to-earth feel that you just don’t find in more modern home designs.

4. Incorporate Depth for a Farmhouse Design

One key feature of the farmhouse design that many have trouble identifying upon first glance is depth. Whether it’s a stone, wood, or wainscoting on a wall, it provides an added layer of depth to the room. Farmhouse decorating accents always tend to be items that stick out from the wall, such as old baskets or signs. Depth is the name of the game to achieve that perfect farmhouse look.

5. Intricate Lighting Fixtures

No rustic farmhouse is complete without intricate lighting fixtures that capture that eye. Many include drop-down overhead lighting that brings a more glowing feel to a room. Consider a mixture of metal and wood in your lighting fixtures as you can’t go wrong with this perfect blend of rustic materials. A wood-burning fireplace is another great option to give natural light and warmth all at the same time, so long as you have the room and budget to install one.

Designing your home in a rustic farmhouse decor style doesn’t have to be challenging. Rather, you just need to follow the tips outlined above. They’ll give you a good starting point that you can work from to finish your dream home and get the exact appearance you’re looking for.


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