6 Things All Parents Should Know About Braces



When you are a parent, you always have to be ready for a possibility that your child might need braces at some point in life. They might seem scary when you don’t know anything about them and your dentist tells you that your child needs them. So here are 6 things that you need to know about braces. 

1. Who needs Braces

Braces are used to correct underbites, crossbites, or overbites, which if not treated can cause uneven jaw development or many other serious issues. But braces can also treat some cosmetic issues like crooked or crowded teeth, gaps, or other issues that were caused by bad habits like thumb sucking or an early loss of permanent teeth. 

2. When is it The Right Time to Visit the Orthodontist

It is important that you are aware that a dentist doesn’t put the braces on, it is done by an orthodontist. A good time to
start visiting the orthodontist is when your child is about seven years old. Even if early treatments aren’t an option, providing your child with a thorough examination on a regular basis will prevent them from having to feel stressed about it and let them be prepared for the future if there are any treatments needed.

3. What Type of Braces Exist

Braces are used to correct and align teeth putting them into a straight position over time. The brackets are glued to the teeth and are connected by wire and rubber bands. They use the wire that is tightened over time to line up the teeth. They have rubber bands that come in different fun colours for kids to pick from. There are metal braces, but there are also clear or white ceramic braces or ones that go behind the teeth. Those are used to correct more serious problems, the clear lights are used to correct smaller problems. There are also many apparatuses that correct things like narrow yaw or mobile braces that can be taken out at any time and are usually worn only at nighttime.

4. How Much Do Braces Cost?

You are probably aware that braces are cheap at all, just like any other type of apparatus. Traditional simple metal braces will cost you up to several thousands of dollars. Luckily, most orthodontists have flexible payment options and some even provide their patients with in-house financing. The cost of the braces will depend on the type of treatment that your child will need as well as what type of braces that choose to be put on their teeth. The cost can also wary by how many teeth they need to have extracted or apparatuses they need to have put in. 

5. Is It Difficult To Care For Them?

While your orthodontist will provide you with a detailed instruction guide of how to properly take care of your child’s breasts there are some things that I would like to know beforehand. As you might know, there will be times where food gets stuck in their braces and you will need to cut up their food so they don’t damage the wires and brackets. Your child will still need to brush their teeth regularly but just pay a bit
more attention when flossing and bruising

6. Will My Child Stand The Pain And Discomfort?

Having braces put on will come with some pain, but it is tolerable even for children. But keep in mind that every child will tolerate the pain differently. Once they have the braces on your orthodontist will help you figure out if your child will need painkillers in the first few weeks while they are adjusting to the braces. They will also provide you with wax that will help with wire or bracket discomfort. 

Even Though there is nothing scary or complicated with having braces, keep in mind that your child will probably be worried and anxious about it. It is your job as a parent to make sure that they are comfortable with the idea and they realize that it is for their own good. 


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