7 Steps To Survive Braces for All Ages



Braces are often an essential part of life for many, and although the process can be lengthy and uncomfortable at times, with the right tips and tricks, you can make your journey through braces much more bearable. From teenagers to adults alike, here are 7 steps to survive braces for all ages.

Step 1: Stay Hydrated 

During any stage of life while wearing braces, drinking plenty of water is key to keeping your teeth healthy. Water flushes away food particles that may get stuck between your wires and teeth, preventing plaque build-up. Additionally, drinking plenty of water will help maintain your oral hygiene and give you fresh breath throughout the day.

Step 2: Avoid Hard Foods 

While eating hard foods such as apples or popcorn may be yummy treats from time to time, they can cause a lot of damage during the duration of your braces. Eating hard foods increases your risk of breaking or loosening brackets or wires which will increase the amount of time it takes for your treatment. As an alternative that’s still delicious, try softer options like bananas or avocado toast.

Step 3: Brush and Floss After Every Meal 

This step is important no matter if you have braces or not! Brushing and flossing after every meal will help ensure that food particles do not stay stuck in between your wires and teeth after meals which could lead to plaque buildup. Keeping up with this routine during the duration of your treatment will also help reduce staining on the surface of your teeth after they’re removed.

Step 4: Use Orthodontic Wax 

If you feel any poking or discomfort around where the wires meet the brackets on your teeth, use orthodontic wax to cover them up and keep them from irritating your gums/lips! The wax acts as a protective barrier against anything that is causing discomfort so don’t be afraid to apply a little bit each day if needed.

Step 5: Keep Up With Your Appointments 

This one should go without saying but it’s important nonetheless! Keeping up with regular check-ups with your orthodontist will ensure that everything is going according to plan with your treatment so don’t miss out on these appointments.

Step 6: Consider Teeth Whitening 

Teeth whitening can be a great way to get rid of any staining you may have accumulated throughout the course of wearing braces. Be sure to speak with a dental professional, like Dr. David K Skeels, before taking this step as certain bleaching products aren’t recommended for those wearing braces.

Step 7: Take Care of Your Retainer

Once you finally have those pesky metal bands taken off from around your teeth, don’t forget about taking care of it afterward either! Wearing retainers helps keep everything in place while allowing enough room between each tooth so nothing moves back into its original place when worn properly. Make sure you brush it regularly and store it safely when not being worn- otherwise all that hard work might be undone quickly.

Despite how daunting getting fitted for braces may seem at first glance, there are lots of helpful tips and tricks that can make surviving them much easier than imagined. Whether you’re just beginning treatment or about ready for removal day, keeping these 7 steps in mind throughout all stages will ensure success in achieving beautiful straight teeth down the line.


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