6 Ways To Spend a Day off Work



It’s always exciting when you get a day off work. Whether it’s a holiday, a weekend, or just an unexpected surprise, having a day to yourself can be one of the best things ever. But sometimes coming up with ideas on how to spend that precious time can be difficult. Here are six ideas for ways you can make the most out of your day off work.

1. Catch Up on Sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential for your health and wellness, and if your job keeps you from getting enough rest then taking advantage of your day off to catch up on some extra sleep is the perfect way to spend it. Take the opportunity to give your body the rest it needs with a long nap or an early night in bed.

2. Catch Up With Friends

If you’re feeling social, why not call up some friends and plan something fun? Whether it’s going out for dinner or coffee, visiting a museum, catching a movie, or just hanging out at someone’s house for drinks and games—a little quality time with friends is always a great way to spend a day off.

3. Exercise

Take advantage of having some extra time by fitting in some exercise! Whether it’s hitting up the gym or going for a run outside—getting active is an awesome way to spend your day off and will help keep you fit and healthy too. Plus, exercising releases endorphins which naturally make us feel good so really there’s no better way to start (or end!) your day than by breaking a sweat.

4. Learn Something New

What better way to take advantage of having free time than by learning something new? Pick up that guitar you bought months ago but haven’t had the chance to learn how to play yet or try making something from scratch in the kitchen; whatever it is that interests you—take this as an opportunity for exploration and growth. Who knows what amazing skills you could acquire by dedicating just one day off work towards exploring something new.

5. Facials and Pampering

Sometimes the best way to spend your day off work is by indulging in some “me time”. Give yourself a relaxing at-home spa day complete with face masks, scented candles, and some calming music—you deserve it. Or if you want to get out of the house for a bit, many spas offer discounted packages and facials for last-minute bookings so you can enjoy some pampering without breaking the bank.

6. Go Explore Outdoors  

If weather permits (or even if it doesn’t!), taking advantage of nature can be one of the best ways to spend your day off work. Pack some snacks and go explore somewhere new. Take pictures, have picnics, go camping—the possibilities are endless when exploring outdoors so don’t forget this option when deciding how best to spend your well-deserved break from work.

There are plenty of ways that you can make use of that precious free time during days off from work. Whether it’s sleeping in late, catching up with friends, exercising outdoors, or learning something new—make sure that whatever activity you choose allows you to relax and enjoy yourself so that when it’s back-to-work morning comes around again you’re refreshed and ready for whatever challenges come your way.


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