7 Easy Ways to Make Your Car Feel Instantly More Luxurious




Can’t afford to splurge on a brand new luxurious car? Or don’t want to waste money on overpriced upgrades that will cause your car to deplete in value? Don’t worry! Your ride can still turn all the heads and feel perfectly luxurious without you spending all your savings. 

1. Fix Scratches

No matter how luxurious your car is, if it’s full of dents and scratches, it will look a little shabby. And scratches just happen no matter how careful you are. Rocks flying off the road, kids playing catch around your car and minor car accidents can deal serious damage to your paint job. If you don’t want to do anything extreme to your paint job, you can find a good body shop or get a scratch remover kit if you want to DIY. However, make sure to match your paint exactly—if you miss the original color, the end result will look even worse than a car covered in scratches. 

2. Get Your Car Wrapped



One of the coolest ways to give your car a complete overhaul is to get it wrapped. This type of changing the exterior of a vehicle is getting more and more popular because it’s more affordable than a paint job, less invasive and damaging to your existing paint. Plus, you can choose absolutely any color, pattern and design and even wrap just one part of your car or your car’s interior. A good expert will know just how to approach your car and offer you the best results for your money. And when you get bored of your design, there will be your original paint waiting underneath the wrap!

3. Modernize Your Wheels


If you want to make your car stand out and provide great comfort and performance while driving, consider getting a new set of wheels. Today, you can find various sets suitable for everyone’s pocket. And as soon as you put on your new wheels, your car will get a completely new character and comfort level. Remember that you don’t have to go all out with chrome, spinners and performance tires. As long as you ditch those steel wheels with hubcaps, you’ll get to change your car’s feel and look in no time. 

4. Get New Shocks and Struts

Even though these car parts need to be replaced every 80,000 kilometers (especially if you prefer to drive more aggressively), not many people do so. Why? Well, shock absorbers and struts deteriorate over time, so you might not even notice how bumpy your rides can be. But, there’s truly nothing more lux than a smooth and relaxing ride, so find a good supplier of car parts
and get your new suspension. Reliable suppliers offer a wide range of items that suit the most popular car brands and models. Once you install it, you won’t even notice all those annoying potholes on your morning commute!

5. Get New Lights


Older cars will instantly look fresher and sportier once you get new lights. Low-quality headlights with foggy glass will give your ride a dull look and jeopardize safety, so freshen it up with a new set of headlights and tail lights. If you don’t have that much money to spare, you can purchase a headlight polishing kit and revive your car’s existing lights. And feel free to replace the bulbs for something new. 

6. Swap Your Carpets


If you want to feel perfectly comfortable and cozy in your car, it’s time to throw out those old interior carpets and pick out new, luxurious material. For the ultimate comfort, get something tailored to your car and get a pro to install it. A clean and soft floor will instantly feel like you’re driving a Rolls Royce instead of a 2013 Toyota Camry.

7. Hire a Pro to Wash It


It’s amazing how far a simple car wash and vacuum can take you. A filthy interior and a filthy exterior can make even a luxurious limousine look cheap and neglected. So, it’s time to get rid of that collection of bottles, candy wrappers and food bags from your floors and back seat. For the best effect, see professional car washers. A run through your self-service car wash can’t even compare to a full-scale, top-to-bottom detailed wash by professionals. 

See? Luxury today is not reserved only for the 1%. With these easy tips, you can improve your car’s performance, look and comfort level without any extreme expenses.

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