5 Exciting Destinations in Asia To Visit for an Unforgettable Exotic Vacation



Home to more than half the world’s population, Asia is an incredibly vast continent one can hardly explore in its entirety. But due to its grandness, the continent also offers unique cultural experiences, diverse locations, and some of the most beautiful natural surroundings in the world suited to any type of traveler, regardless of their vacation preferences. Whether you’ve opted for solo travel or planned a wonderful trip with your friends and family, here are some of the most exciting destinations in Asia you could visit for a truly unforgettable exotic vacation:

1. Dubai

If you’re looking for an incredibly luxurious destination to make your vacation memorable, Dubai might be the perfect spot. Located in one of the richest countries in the world, the city is truly filled with luxury wherever you turn, from expensive high-end cars to some of the most extravagant hotels you could come across.

However, Dubai also offers a number of more unique and distinct travel experiences, including the world’s tallest building and largest garden, a fascinating indoor rainforest, stunning man-made islands, as well as camel rides across the beautiful deserts surrounding the city, thus combining all necessary aspects for a truly unforgettable exotic trip.

2. Singapore

Being among the most popular travel destinations in Asia, Singapore offers everything from delicious food and year-round warm weather to unique attractions and some of the most memorable city skylines. Among the top things to do in Singapore is undoubtedly visiting the Marina Bay Sands, where you can find lux hotels, charming boutique shops, museums, and theaters, as well as bustling bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, providing everything one could need for a memorable vacation.

For those who enjoy more peaceful, nature-inspired experiences, Singapore also offers the Gardens by the Bay, where you could enjoy futuristic vertical gardens and interesting light and sound shows, as well as the Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with the most beautiful nature you could come across in such a busy metropolis.

3. Hong Kong

With its busy streets, towering skyline, and a beautiful blend of unique cultural experiences, Hong Kong is truly fit for adventure. The charm of this city is mirrored in a number of distinct experiences, starting with serviced apartments for rent in Hong Kong ideal for a cozy stay. Modern, homey, and incredibly comfortable, such apartments offer high-end amenities and a prime location, allowing you to effortlessly explore Hong Kong at your own pace.

Combining wonderful cultural experiences in the form of iconic statues and historic temples with more modern and luxurious aspects such as fine dining, upscale shopping centers, and VIP entertainment, Hong Kong truly makes for the perfect unforgettable destination. Being surrounded by stunning nature, the city might also provide a calm escape from the bustling streets as well.

4. Laos

Charming, relaxed, and ideal for romance, Laos is undoubtedly among the most incredible travel destinations in Southeast Asia you simply shouldn’t miss. From small yet chic boutique hotels to fine Indochine dining, as well as the most indulgent massages and spa treatments, Laos offers everything you might need for a calm and laid-back exotic vacation. The scenery doesn’t disappoint either, as the country offers some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world,  including tranquil islands, towering cliffs, and stunning lush greenery.

The best way to explore this breathtaking country might be by going on a luxurious cruise. Traveling down the wonderful Mekong River, exploring ancient temples and gorgeous sites, and experiencing the finest local cuisine truly make for an unforgettable vacation.

5. Mergui Archipelago

Among the lesser-known yet still absolutely stunning destinations is also the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar, heavenly islands in the glistening Andaman Seas completely unspoiled by development. Mergui truly represents one of the most remote and isolated destinations you could visit in Asia, while still expecting to enjoy a bit of pampering and luxury.

To fully experience this stunning archipelago, it’s recommended to go on a high-end sailing trip, and completely relax while traveling through dazzling waters with only your captain and crew. The islands you stop to visit might change depending on the weather conditions, or you may even decide to stay longer in one place. Either way, you can expect to encounter local sea nomads, go kayaking, explore deserted islands, and blissfully fall asleep under the clear night skies above at the end of the day.

Asia is clearly an incredibly large continent, one you can’t expect to fully explore during your lifetime. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t experience the best Asia has to offer by visiting one of the most exciting and incredible destinations mentioned above.

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