Anger Management: Best Tips to Deal With Anger in Relationships



No relationships come without anger and resentment!

Whether it’s a bond between you and your partner or you and your parents, ups, and downs are very common. To get angry with each other at times is quite common. Howbeit, when the feeling of exasperation tends to be too high, it becomes intolerable and harmful. Above that, if you are short-tempered, you must be cautious enough regarding controlling your anger. In every little thing, if you burst out your vexation on others, gradually it will spoil the relationship altogether. 

Hence, it is very important to deal very smartly with anger in all of your relationships. Well, it might be very easy to say or write about, but it’s pretty tough to do so in reality. Isn’t it?

C’mon! You are not the only one. We all are in the same boat.


Is It Not Possible to Control Anger in Relationships?

Of course, it is! All that you need to do is just follow the tips which are mentioned below: 

Think Before You Speak

It is certainly very easy and gratifying to speak out about what you are feeling. Still, you should always think before saying the words. One of the best ways to do that could be collecting all your thoughts before you speak. It will prevent you from saying something which might hurt your partner.

If you feel that the person opposite to you is behaving pretty vulnerable, you should take the charge of gathering the notions and acting calmly. 

Take a Deep Breath

If there is a hostile ambiance around, focusing on your breath could help you. It will calm your body and mind both. If you breathe deeply at that time, it will let you maintain a distance from your immediate feeling of anger. Rather, you will end up concentrating more on your inner self. 

Say a Calming Phrase Repeatedly

If you feel that your anger is really troubling you, you should repeat saying a relaxing word. It might be anything that you are comfortable with. If you do so, it will remind you to maintain your equanimity.

So, next time when you feel that you are feeling too annoyed, try softly saying, ‘relax’, ‘chill’, ‘Let me be calm’ etc. Just try doing that and you will definitely see the difference! 

Go for a Tangible Reminder

If you and your partner are fighting, touching a gift from him/her can really calm you down. Maybe it is a necklace that your beloved has given you or your wedding ring, just wear that and it will let you remember the good old days. If you do so at that heated point in time, you will feel that he/she is not your enemy.

Also, any normal physical object can be even a good source of mental distraction. For example, try snapping a hair tie or rubber band when you can feel the rise of your anger. It will actually help! 

Try to Repair

Even if you have the best of your intentions and efforts, chances are you might mess up. You might even end up doing things that you actually don’t mean. What you can do is concentrate more on the repair. It is always healthy for any relationship to come together after any fight to apologize and reconnect.

Of course, it is not that easy to do but it can be certainly a worthy move. Again, it might not be the surety that the hurtful things will be always at bay in your relationship. Still, it will give rise to a positive vibe in your tuning with that specific person.

Take a Break 

If you feel that it is becoming very difficult for you to control anger, let the other person know that you need some time for yourself. Just simply go out in the open air, splash some water in your face, or take a long and solo walk. Believe it or not, it will certainly help you to get rid of the anger.

Thus, don’t allow any of your close relationships to ruin because of any indignant! Just follow the aforementioned tips and you will have a better life with your loved ones always around you.


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